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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.21.2013

March 21, 2013

Today: Hsin-Yuan (Cindy) Wang — Her Life and Times (Blake Abdella)

Birthdays: Rich Lorang (3/21)

Next Week: Megan Tsui: Northfield Enterprise Center (Estenson)

Last Week:
Friends of Way Park are looking for more friends of Way Park. They are reaching out to community groups in search of park development ideas that honor the values that inspired the park’s original designation and its subsequent use.

Since Northfield Hospital relocated in 2003 from its home of 65 years on West Second Street, the group has been working to revive the park and create an open space that will be an asset for the entire community. Sarah Carlsen and Matt Rohn, chair and vice-chair, respectively, of the nonprofit group, explained both the history of the park and their vision for its future.

In 1933, the Way sisters, Laura and Lucille, deeded part of their family’s homestead in the 800 block between St. Olaf Avenue and West Second to the city for park purposes. In 1938, they agreed there was community benefit to a plan that would use half of the park for a hospital. Following the hospital’s move, the city decided the space should revert to park space and the Friends of Way Park was born.

Following the demolition of the old hospital, the park was unified when First Street was closed. Lots of sub-surface work has been done for drainage, an asphalt path as been created around the perimeter and donations from Knecht Nursery has helped repopulate the trees on the site. The Friends envision adding nature, music and water play elements, a memorial garden honoring the hospital’s legacy, a rain garden and more. If you have ideas or a source of funding, they would love to hear from you.

Mini Classification:

Jim Holden more or less galloped through his life and times. He grew up in a small southern Minnesota town, went to college at Augsburg and the University of Minnesota. He taught school in a variety of places, married Caroline and raised two children in Northfield. He is very aware of the influence place has on our lives, and he has a special connection to Way Park, which is three doors down from where he lives.

Guests: Exchange students Adnan, Diatou, Rachel, Mizuki and Cindy; Judy Covey (Covey), and Cliff Martin (Fenton)

Scholarship Enhancement: Linda Willgohs

— Erin Mayberry has been named the club secretary. She is taking over for Devon Barnes.
— We need your feedback on a venue for our meetings (talk to board members) and program interests (fill out hard copy or online survey).
— March is Literacy Awareness Month and Jane wants us to teach puppies to read. I may have missed something.
— Jean Wakely reported that our exchange student Kiana Asada is doing well in Japan. She is making presentations in Japanese, eating whale bacon and traveling the country.
— We have no idea what it cost, but back in 1994, March 26 was declared Robert Will Day by then-Governor Arne Carlsen. With that designation, comes all of the rights and privileges afforded any benevolent despot, strongman, czar….call it what you will. So if you would like to petition one Robert Will for a consideration of your choosing, please download the form and fill it out in triplicate and submit it to Robert Will in care of Queen Jane of Rotary before March 26. Robert can only decree within that 24-hour period, so be concise in your request, and we will hope Bob spreads his largess far and wide.

Coming Up:
April 4 — Christine Curtis: What’s New in Rice County Corrections (Rich)
April 11 — TBA
April 18 — Paul Moody: The Faribault Woolen Mill (Barnes)
April 25 — Adnan, Youth Exchange Presentation (Quinnell)