Report from an outbound: Andrea Willgohs

January 22, 2012

Andrea Willgohs is an outbound exchange student from the Northfield Rotary Club living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia this year. She shared this photo with club members and we thought it needed to be published.

The photo was taken at a Rotary District 3400 event in Bandung, at a hotel/resort called Sari Ater. There were many events during that weekend designed to quickly introduce the inbounds to many parts of Indonesian culture, such as batik (intricate fabric dying), clay pottery and this event.

The video below includes dances from four different regions of Indonesia and ends with a depiction of the tsunami that hit several years ago and the eruption of the Mt Merapi volcano last year.  The theme is that Indonesians are still united and strong despite the adversity.



Andrea is studying at an arts vocational school that was established 50 years ago to promote and sustain Indonesian culture through teaching gamelan (Indonesian music), puppetry, theater, and various types of Indonesian dance.  Andrea’s classes include three different kinds of Indonesian dance, Javanese singing and karawitan, a type of gamelan.

You can read more about Andrea’s International experience through her blog. You can read about the experiences of other Northfield exchange students through links to their blogs as well, located on the Northfield Rotary Club’s Youth Exchange web site.