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Rotary Cogwheel | 10.06.2011

October 5, 2011


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011

Today’s Program:  Incoming Students Take Center Stage (V. Dilley)

Happy Birthday: Kyle Nordine (10/7)

Next Week: Jim Holden Classification (Crane)

Last Meeting:

Steve Poskanzer, president of Carleton College, announced last week that he is not running for mayor of Northfield.

Steve had offered that his father’s experience as a college faculty member and mayor in a small, academic community in New York gave Steve a unique perspective on town-gown relations. In response to a question from the floor, he said he, himself, has no designs on political office. Sounds like a “maybe” to me.

What he does have designs on is presiding over what he describes as an “exuberantly whacky” college. His recipe for success? Find the best students and the best faculty. His daughter is among the 524 recruits who showed up on campus this fall. She actually discovered Carleton before he did. The first years bring a lot of intellectual firepower from 42 states and 22 countries.

The college has added four new faculty members, one in public health, another in behavioral neurology, one in music history and another in chemistry. The Weitz Center for Creativity (the old middle school) opened to rave reviews. It will be a focal point for creative thinking and visual orientation.

Steve is shepherding along a question-driven, strategic planning process that will provide a road map for Carleton’s future.


Good Neighbor Award: Judy Dirks was honored for her longstanding commitment to helping international refugees and to promoting human rights in the community. In 1975, she helped form the Northfield Refugee Committee. Over a period of 24 years, that group helped settle 112 Vietnamese refugees in Northfield. She also serves on the Northfield Human Rights Commission and teaches citizenship classes for Community Education. The committee said her actions have always been motivated by a sense of social justice. Thanks for your good work, Judy.

Guests: Judy Dirks, Jose Payas, Tim McDermott, Justina Owusai and Craig Lissler (Weber); Rich Daly (Porkorney), Lowell King (Brown-Wescott) and our exchange students: Aishwarya Gokhale, Mathilde Mortensen, Nichapat Tishyadhigama, and Camilo Zuluaga Caicedo

Scholarship Enhancement:  Hannah Puczko


 — Retired District Governor Craig Lissler recognized Charlie Cogan and Mark Abbott for their special efforts on behalf of the Rotary Foundation.

— President Bierman’s car-raffle sales tip for the week: You must make the ask to make the sale

 Coming Up

Oct. 20 – Foreign Affairs – Bob Flaten (Detert),
Saturday, Oct. 22 – Car Drawing – Dokmo Ford
Oct. 27
– John F. Koser  “You Too Can Build An Airplane”

 (Wayne Abdella)