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Rotary Cogwheel | 08.21.2011

August 17, 2011


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today’s Program: “A Brush with Kindness: Habitat for Humanity” with Dayna Norvold

Happy Birthday: Leo Lawlor (8/15), Tim Madigan (8/16) and Craig Ellingboe (8/22)

Next Week:  Polio Plus Update (Cogan)

Last Meeting:

I think Joel Maturi could give a heck’uva half time speech.

The University of Minnesota athletic director brings energy and passion to his talks. And he doesn’t do much tap-dancing. If he has an opinion, he shares it. To wit:

  • He is uncomfortable with the way athletics seems to be dominating the American culture.
  • Our high profile sports at the collegiate level too closely resemble professional athletics.
  • A Division I athletic director is no longer an educator.

Joel has been Minnesota’ AD for nine years. He oversees some 700 athletes who participate in 25 varsity sports. Despite the lumps he’s taken for the poor showings in football and basketball, he said U of M has much to be proud of. Of those 700 athletes, their cumulative GPA is 3.0, and a higher percentage of athletes graduate than do university students in general. This year the U ranked 29th out of 337 Division I schools for post-season success, and that is the lowest finish in nine years, Joel said.

He is committed to winning, but he’s not going to fudge the rules.  And he thinks that stance gets lost on some sports enthusiasts.

“We don’t get enough credit for doing it the right way,” said.

He said he measures success by attitude, effort and improvement.

Go Gophers!


Guests: Elizabeth Lundstrom (Madigan), Pat Lamb and Ellie Hansen (Prowe), Geralyn Sheehan and Geri Ruilowa, our exchange student from Bolivia, 205-206) (Taylor), Bob Craig (Fox)

Scholarship Enhancement: Jane Fenton


— Thanks to Neil Lutsky and company for organizing last week’s Rotary Road Rally. And a special thanks goes to Kris and Rick Estenson for graciously opening up their event center to us again.

David Koenig was looking for a few more members for the Rotary Responders corps. He got a good response the  day he made the announcement, but if you are interested, contact him.

— The car raffle campaign continues. President Bierman assured us that the tickets sell themselves, if. you can identify your passion within Rotary and articulate it to prospective customers.

Coming Up:

Sept. 1 – Northfield Enterprise Center, new director Megan Allen (Davis)

Sept. 8 – Bike Tour Chalk Talk

Sept. 10 — BIKE TOUR

Sept. 15 – Nancy Amerman, classification  (Estenson)