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Rotary Cogwheel | 04.28.2011

April 28, 2011


Rotary Cogwheel: Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today’s Program: Mary McNulty, President of You Are Special  (VanBlarcom)

Happy Birthday: Richard Maus (4/24) and Regie Haslett-Marroquin (4/28)

Next Week: Russ Halverson’s Classification (Bierman)

Last Meeting:

So what do you think? Is Miguel the typical Brazilian teenager?

He lives in a high-rise apartment in Natal, Brazil, just a stone’s throw from the beach. He loves sports. He surfs. He races go-carts. He swims, skateboards, hangs out with friends. And, oh yes, he also attends high school.

Miguel speaks affectionately about his homeland. It is South America’s largest country and the fifth largest in the world. Sixty percent of the Amazon rain forest consumes 40 percent of the country.

Natal is often referred to as “the city of the sun.” It averages 300 sunny days a year with an average temperature between 72 and 86 degrees. As you might imagine, snow and our long winter required some adjustment on Miguel’s part.

He is the youngest of three boys. Both of his older brothers are studying medicine. Miguel’s father is a psychiatrist. His mother has a psychology background but now works in banking.

Miguel said he has appreciated his time in Northfield. He calls it the “best decision he ever made.” It has helped him improve his English and better understand the differences between cultures.


Presentation: Vicki Dilley was honored with the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative’s “Making A Difference” award for her work with Rotary’s student exchange program and other youth in the community. Barry Carlson, Jim Blaha and Scott Richardson, HCI board members, made the presentation.

Guests: Jan and Berry Tetrault, Cindy and Anders Carlson, Paul and Melissa Ousley, and half of Northfield High School (Miguel), Deb Rasmussen and Jill Heasley (V. Dilley), Andrea Willgohs (Willgohs) and Michael Gunderson (Fenton).

Scholarship Enhancement: Brad Frago


— President Weber informed members of the paddle event from Palmer’s Landing to Prescott July 5-22. Rotarians can do part of the trip of all of it. See Chris for details.

Coming Up

May 12 – Martha Paas, Inflations, Deficits, and Recessions

(Will) Kids

May 19 – Linda Hibbard, executive director of Epic Enterprises ( Solid)

May 21 – A Night of Magic with the Key

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Devon Barnes, Beth Bergmans, Ryan Blumhoefer, Barry Carlson, Jim Holden, Michelle Lasswell, Tim Madigan,

Don Robertson, Betsy Spethmann and Roberto Zayas