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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 7.8.10

July 8, 2010

Today’s Program: Elder Collegium (Bill Carlson and Ed Lufkin)

Happy Birthday: Dayna Clemment (7/5) and Candy Taylor (7/7)

Next Week: Missi Ahrens, Classification (Williams)

Last Meeting:

State Senator Kevin Dahle and State Representative David Bly said the state budget crisis overshadowed all other issues this past legislative session. The two DFLers said legislators went home after agreeing to a temporary fix that still finds them staring at a $6 billion deficit when they return to St. Paul next year.

A Supreme Court ruling that overturned Gov. Pawlenty’s unallottments injected some additional drama into the session. In the end, the Legislature ended up ratifying most of the spending cuts the governor had imposed.

Sen. Dahle said he believes the lack of revenue is the issue, not overspending. Both he and Rep. Bly have advocated for tax increases to soften the service cuts. David referenced the analysis of State Economist Tom Stinson who said a mix of tax increases and spending cuts would create less drag on the state economy than spending cuts alone.

Despite the grim fiscal forecast, both pointed to successes last session. Sen. Dahle was proud of a bill that protected property owners’ rights in cases of eminent domain. Rep. Bly pointed to PACE legislation that supports energy conservation and progress on the Dan Patch Corridor light rail line.

Passing of the Torch: Rick Estenson received a standing ovation for his leadership this past year as he passed the gavel to Chris Weber, our new president. Chris reported on his experience at the Rotary International Convention in Montreal. He said it was an inspiring experience. He heard speakers such as Greg Mortenson (“Three Cups of Tea”), Queen Nora and Dolly Parton and was impressed to be in the company of Rotarians from around the globe.

Guests: Raphaela Cogan (Cogan), Mark Brown (Henke), Michael Gunderson (Fenton) and Kelby Woodard (Estenson).

Scholarship Enhancement: Michael Gunderson


Club members and their families are invited to the Estenson Fieldhouse Thursday, Aug. 5, for a summer social. Besides the food and fellowship, there will be a concert by one of the bands here for the Vintage Band Festival.

This Saturday the city will celebrate the extension of the Riverside BikeTrail on the east side of the Cannon River in Northfield with a ceremony at 9:30 a.m..

Dayna Clemment is looking for a few good women who will participate in Habitat for Humanit’s “Women Build Day” next week.

Emelda Rasmussen circulated a petition urging the city council to recommit to the United Nationals “culture of peace” initiative.

Coming Up

July 22 – Jacqui Dorsey – WINGS’ 10th Anniversary (Ness)

July 29 – Jim Holden – Author of Tennis in Minnesota (Ophaug)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Dayna Clemment, Peter Schmelzer, Mark Henke, Nancy Amerman