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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 7.15.10

July 12, 2010

Today’s Program: Missi Arens’ Life & Times (Williams)

Happy Birthday: Nancy Amerman and Myron Solid (7/12) and Jan Stevens (7/15)

Next Week: Jacqui Dorsey and WINGS (Ness)

Last Meeting:

The Cannon Valley Elder Collegium (CVEC) is a life-long learner’s dream. This home-grown virtual academy offers 10-12 liberal arts classes each eight-week term during the fall, winter and spring. Classes typically meet for two hours once a week.

Ed Lufkin, the current executive director, and Bill Carlson, his predecessor, provided an overview of the program. Courses are designed for students age 50 and older, but nobody’s checking Ids at the door. The cost of each course is $50, but scholarships are available.

Bill said Northfield is in a unique position for this type of senior education to succeed. Northfield has an unusually large supply of retired teachers, and the community is a haven for intellectually curious retirees.  Ed added that collegium benefits from the breadth and depth of experience their students bring to the program.

Ron Ronning and Keith Anderson started the program 13 years ago with help from the Minnesota Humanities Commission. The program is fully funded by its members. During the last academic year, the collegium set a new record with a student enrollment of 500.

Club Goals: President Weber reviewed our club goals for 2010-11. They range from maintaining our excellent Youth Exchange Program and implementing a Youth Protection Program to providing fellowship opportunities for members and promoting literacy. The complete list is posted on the web site.

Paul Harris Fellows: Dale Ness, Kurt Larson and Bill Carlson  were all recognized as Paul Harris fellows. Bill dedicated his to his wife, Charlotte Carlson.

Guests: Char Carlson (B. Carlson), Bob Johnson (J. Larson) and Laurie Pappas (Prowe)

Scholarship Enhancement: Our guest Bob Johnson


Club members and their families are invited to the Estenson Fieldhouse Thursday, Aug. 5, for a summer social. Besides the food and fellowship, there will be a concert by one of the bands here for the Vintage Band Festival.

Jan Stevens announced that tickets tare now on sale to Vintage Band events, a dance and a  vaudevillian production.

Charlie Cogan said there will be a special day at a Twins game on October 2 dedicated to PolioPlus. Both our district and the Minneapolis district will be participating.

Coming Up

July 29 – Jim Holden – Author of Tennis in Minnesota (Ophaug)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Dayna Clemment, Peter Schmelzer, Mark Henke, Nancy Amerman