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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 5.13.10

May 13, 2010

Today’s Program: City Safety Center, Mayor Mary Rossing presiding.

Happy Birthday: Russ Halverson (5/15) and Kurt Larson (5/16)

Next Week: Randy Sampson, Canterbury (Estenson)

Last Meeting:

It was a “meet the parents” moment. Representatives of The Key, a local youth center, met with us as a first step in building an ongoing relationship.

The Key is currently purchasing a building on Sixth Street between Division and Water and plans to relocate there. The project has been selected as Rotary’s major local initiative. The hope is to help with fundraising and to build an ongoing partnership centered on service and community building.

Jim Evans and Alex Beebe, members of the Key’s adult board, and Josh Woods, a member of the youth board, shared their story with us. The Key is now 18 years old, a Methuselah in terms of youth-run youth centers. Anne Mikkelson was the spiritual force behind The Key. She saw it as refuge for at-risk kids. The programming has evolved over time and its constituency has broadened, but the mission has been the same: to provide power and voice to Northfield youth and to build a caring community.  In 2008-09, 900 separate youth visited The Key. One hundred fifty of those visited at least twice a month

Alex said the expanded space will be used to increase visibility, serve more kids and diversify their programs. The over-arching goal is to empower youth through service. They are forming partnerships with other local entities. Hope Center is committed to using The Key as a satellite office.

Guests: Dina Fessler (Reese), Faye Caskey (Caskey) and Roberto and Luisa (Abbott)

Scholarship Enhancement: David Wolf


Linda Willgohs reported that her daughter had a good experience at Camp RILA April 23-27. She hopes the three who attended can share their experiences with us some time soon.

Upcoming socials include a graduation party on Wednesday, June 16, and a summer social on August 5, which will include a vintage band performance. Both will be at Estenson Field House.

Neil Lutsky volunteered for a position on next year’s board of directors. He will be Director R in charge of Rotary Club Service.

Dina Fessler announced plans for a summer camp to help kids learn more about the Kenyan culture.

Sam Estenson, an outbound exchange student in Japan, is reported to be doing well. He is now living with his third host family and presently traveling with a cousin. He will arrive home on July 11.

Coming Up

May 27 – Mike Grimm – WCCO/Gopher Sports (Monaghan)

June 3 – Ted Olson – Nature Conservancy  (Lorang)

June 10 – Richard Collman -The Washington National Cathedral. (Lufkin)

June 16 – Graduation party for in-bound students, Estenson Field House.

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Dayna Clemment — Peter Schmelzer — Mark Henke