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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 2.11.10

February 11, 2010

Today’s Program: St. Olaf student Subhash Ghimire on Nepal (Linde)

Happy Birthday: Russ Thompson (2/7)

Next Week:  Luisa introduces us to her Brazil

Last Meeting:

Steve Lindo of Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA) introduced us to a Northfield-based professional association with members in 190 countries.

Since its inception in 2002, PRMIA’s membership has grown to 65,000. The group has 16 employees, 12 of whom work in Northfield. They have others in the UK, China and France.

The office and serves as a professional resource, setting and maintaining standards for the risk management profession. They provide training, certification, publications and support volunteer-led chapters of their organization around the world. They also consider academics, regulators and other associations among their constituents.

What sets PRMIA apart is its focus on risk. It has global reach and maintains an open forum for the discussion of issues that have a profound effect on our financial infrastructure.

President’s Moment – Mark “that reminds me of a story” Cashman talked about his tenure during 2004-2005. It coincided with the club’s centennial and a new and improved sound system (Can you hear me now?). Mark has since gone on to fill leadership roles at the district level.

Guests: Dayna Clemment (Blake Abdulla), Peter Schmelzer (Braucher), Bud Grimes (Esse), Anna, the Samba instructor, (Dilley), and Winnie Alberg (Alberg)

Scholarship Enhancement: Luisa with a huge assist from Mike Flynn.


David Koenig reported that Monica Cooper is still enjoying her year in Thailand. She experienced some homesickness a few weeks ago when a transitory illness visited her while on a long bus ride, but she is well and enthused and committed to making the most of her experience.

Mayor Mary Rossing added her voice and $100 check to our ongoing infomercial for “Brasil and Back.” She asked that we frame this as supporting an exchange program that builds understanding and transforms lives rather than another opportunity to buy tickets to an event. We are halfway to a sellout, so act now and think creatively about how to move the ducats. 

Coming Up:

Feb. 20 – “To Brasil and Back Carnival” at the Middle School

Feb. 25 – Northfield Hospice, Kathy Westlund (Jean Larson)

Mar. 4 – The State of the Minnesota Budget and the Legislative Session (Charlie Kyte)

Welcome Our Newest Members:

Matt Hillman, Northfield Public Schools

Russ Halverson, Halverson Land Surveyors

Joel Walinski, City of Northfield