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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 11.5.09

November 3, 2009

Today’s Program: Rural Enterprise Center (Reggie)

Happy Birthday: Steve Wilmot (11/3) and Sue Boxrud (11/5)

Next Week: Japan and Its Writing System (Flynn)

Last Meeting:

Pat Johns (see photos below) is committed to bringing clean water to the people of Livingstonia, a high plateau in Malawi, Zambia. A photojournalist, trainer and self-described adventurist, his international travel sensitized him to the desperate need for clean water in many corners of the world. A nongovernmental group called Water for People steered him to Livingstonia, and his Rotary connections in Dallas, Texas have provided him a vehicle with which to make change.

Access to water and improved sanitation are the big issues he sees. It’s a part of the world where women and children as young as 5 spend a good share of their day gathering water. When water is scarce, mud holes frequented by livestock become their default source.

The water system for Livingstonia was built 100 years ago to support a population of 2,000 people. Now, 15,000 live in the area. Mudslides have damaged the open, concrete half-pipe trench that runs down the side of the mountain. It has been replaced with PCV pipe.

Johns, Dean Johnson’s stepson, said his goal with his Africa Water Safari program is to build awareness, create sustainable plans and put them into action. He believes in the Livingstonia project because of the local government’s fiscal accountability. Financial contributions are used for their intended purpose.

If you want to learn more about Johns’ project, visit his website at

Condolences: The club acknowledged the death of Pat Lampe, wife of Bob Lampe, a longtime Rotarian. Pat died Tuesday, Oct. 27, at home.

Guests: Only card-carrying Rotarians last week. No guests.

Scholarship Enhancement: Jan Stevens. This student of the Civil War would have accepted Confederate dollars.


Bob Conley said he will be in transit for the next little while he makes his way to warmer climes, but he plans to be back with us in the spring.

Vicky Dilley thanked everyone who helped with the student exchange interviews. Lots of people made that happen.

The social event at The Grand Oct. 23 was pronounced “fabulous.” The company was good, the music was hot and some 250 people attended the event. Nice going Steve Ryan, Kurt Larson and Rob Bierman.

We had the battle of “signup” clipboards. Mike Lane was recruiting volunteers for the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, and Mark Cashman was recruiting for the Rotary basketball tournament on Saturday, Dec. 12. You will probably have an opportunity to sign up today, as well.

Lynne Pederson announced that there is a music benefit Saturday, Nov. 7, for the Senior Center. It will feature Will Healy, Craig Wasner and Mike Hildebrandt. See Lynne for tickets.

Outbound student blogs. Keep in touch.

Coming Up

Nov. 19 – Matthew Rich, Classification

Nov. 26 – Thanksgiving Turkey Trot