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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel | 6.4.09

June 4, 2009

Today’s Program: Capitol Wrap-up – Sen. Kevin Dahl and Rep. David Bly (Crane)

Birthdays: Rotarians Across the Globe.

Next Week: Virginia Kaczmarek Classification (Cashman)

Last Week:

First of all, just to set the record straight, there were nine inches of wet snow the day of the 1984 bank robbery, not six, not 11. And if you search out the very compelling Northfield News account of that curious episode, you will find it accompanied by some very artistic snow photos. Furthermore, I personally find it more telling that the police chief had no gun than the photographer had no film. But history will be the judge.

Former Northfield Police Chief Mancel Mitchell’s rendering of the 1984 bank robbery had all the makings of a script from “Andy of Mayberry.” A police chief with no gun and no radio commandeers a city council member and his van to chase a troubled bank robber in what sounded more like a parade than a high-speed chase. In the end, the collar was made on North Highway 3. No one was hurt and justice was served. The robber went to prison, and Mancel is condemned to periodically visit Rotary and tell the tale.

Estenson Benched

As an expression of their appreciation for his great support during their time in Northfield, our exchange students presented Rick Estenson with an autographed bench they made in class. Here are two photos, showing the proud creators of this bench and the equally proud recipient.


Academic Civic Engagement: Carleton students Lauren Blacik, Ariel VandeVoorde summarized their report on the state of Northfield’s business sector. They are open to a more in-depth discussion of their work.

Departed: Former St. Olaf College Dean of Students and longtime Northfield Rotarian Hank Helgen died May 28. His funeral was Monday at St. John’s Church

Guests: Lauren Blacik, Ariel VandeVoorde and Adreinne Falcon (Covey); Greg Pierce (Thacher) and our four inbound exchange students: Elisa, Ryota, Matheus and Pablo (Quinnell).

Scholarship Enhancement: Dave Brown


Our four exchange students, Elisa, Ryota, Matheus and Pablo are hosting a graduation open house from 6 pm to 8 pm tonight at the Estenson Ranch. All are welcome.

Nominations for the 2009 Rotary Good Neighbor Award are now being accepted. Applications are available from Carl Caskey.

Coming Up:

June 18 – To be announced

June 25 – TORCH – Tackling Obstacles & Raising College Hopes Zach Pruitt (Crow)

July 2 – Changing of the Guard