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Rotary Cogwheel | Thursday | 2.12.09

February 12, 2009

Today’s Program: Bill Carlson’s State of the Economy: What were they thinking?

Birthdays: Kyle Nordine (2/14), Gary Bollinger (2/16), Jane Fenton and John Stull (2/18), Peg Prowe (2/19) and Brad Frago (2/22).

Next Time: No noon meeting. Winter social at the Grand Event Center, 6 to 8 p.m.

Last Week:

Why is KYMN-radio screaming on line? Why don’t they just get some bigger microphones or juice the signal?

Whatever the reason, Jeff Johnson, the new owner of KYMN-radio, 1080 on the AM dial, was excited about it when he shared his vision with us last week. He’s also excited about the opportunity to shape a radio format that reflects the tone and texture of Northfield. Except for CNN news and the Minnesota News Network, his aim is to provide local programming and music we can remember.

New software design has presented numerous opportunities to exploit the Internet. KYMN now has a website and will be archiving its programs. It will also post video and is considering live streaming of events such as council meetings.

Jeff said absentee ownership allowed connections with the community to fray. He hopes to repair that. These are not great economic times in which to undertake this venture, but Jeff is undaunted. “We’re going to move on with or without the economy,” he said.

If you have a program idea, Jeff wants to hear about it. He can be contacted at:

Guests: Dave Bubser (Tollefson) and Lauren Black (Covey).

Scholarship Enhancement: Neil Lutsky

Presentation: The club formally presented a check for $20,000 to Peg Prowe, who was representing the Mill Towns Trail, to help with repaving the bike trail between Northfield and Dundas.


President Williams announced that George Soule was having some health challenges. Members shared their good wishes and support on a Rotary program that was passed around.

The upcoming winter social will be Thursday, Feb. 19, from 6 to 8 p.m. at The Grand Event Center. The evening will include appetizers, fellowship and wine tasting. Sign up if you haven’t already.

Jan Stevens invited everyone to a celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday tonight at 7 p.m. at First UCC Church in Northfield. The evening will include Civil War-era music, speeches, and artifacts, including the Rice County Civil War battle flag. This is a fundraiser for the Rice County Historical Society. Proceeds will contribute to the preservation of the county battle flag.

Lauren Black, a Carleton College student, invites conversation on the state of the local business community and ideas for future academic civic engagement projects. If you are interested, contact her at:

New members and board members will meet next Thursday at noon in the golf club’s members’ lounge for an orientation session.

Coming Up:

February 26 —Matheus Mattos of Brazil – Vicki Dilley