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Cogwheel | Thursday | 12.18.08

December 18, 2008

Today’s Program: The Fabulous Troubadours (Maestro Meidt)

Birthdays: John Ophaug (12/15), Vicki Dilley and Blake Abdella (12/21), Virginia Kaczmarek (12/22), Bill Carlson (12/23), Neil Lutsky(12/27), and Marie Perry (12/31)

Next Time: January 8 — Healthy Community Initiative

Last Week:

Gene Bang is a champion of the dairy industry.

The 46-year old Kenyon farmer milks a herd of 40 registered Ayershires and farms 400 acres in cooperation with two senior mentors. Dairy farming has been a part of his life since he was 8 years old. He believes in his product and in his dairying practices.

“I live there. I work there. I eat there,” he said

His profession requires that he be a nutritionist, a veterinarian, a mechanic and more. You can add public spokesperson to that list. He participates in the Midwest Dairy Association’s “People Behind the Product” program by giving talks to clubs like ours.

Gene’s is not a huge, industrialized farming operation. His cows feed in pasture most of the year and they are milked in a stanchion barn. Getting bigger would require an investment he is not prepared to make. New products are in the works all of the time, and he said the dairy association’s stand at the State Fair, where they tell their story to 250,000 people annually, is undergoing a major overhaul and should not be missed.

New Members: Colleen VanBlarcom, restaurateur (Tiano); Mark Thacher, financial services (Springman); and Matt Deter, risk management (Reese). Welcome one and all.

Annual Meeting: Officers elected for 2009-2010 are: Rick Estenson, president; Chris Weber, president-elect; Curtis Tiano, treasurer; Rob Bierman, Director R, club service; Hannah Puczko, Director C, community service; Jane Fenton, Director V, vocational service; Jim Prichard, Director I, international service; and Linda Willgohs, secretary. Thanks for accepting the mantel of leadership.

Guests: Mike Braucher (Richardson); Exchange students (Fenton)

Scholarship Enhancement: Jan Stevens


Sam Studer, our outbound to Slovakia, has returned home.

Scott Davis has posted some delightful photos of our exchange students on the club website. There is also a link to photos Scott took during Defeat of Jesse James Days.

Joseph Crippen asked that we be prepared to commit to specific Meals-On-Wheels dates when we return after the holidays. The club is responsible for Jan. 11-25.

President Williams announced that the Turkey Run netted an incredible (editor’s note) $7,400. Nice job.

Vicki Dilley thanked lots of Rotary All-Stars for helping with the coordination and oversight of 65 exchange students during the overnight Dec. 6 at the Northfield Athletic Club.

Charlie Cogan announced that currently Paul Harris Fellowships are being discounted by 50 percent. Nice opportunity to do some good.

Coming Up:

Dec. 25 – Merry Christmas. No meeting.

Jan. 1 – Football to watch; resolutions to break.

Jan. 8 – Healthy Community Initiative update on drug use among Northfield youth. (Abbott).