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Cogwheel | Thursday | 10.23.08

October 23, 2008

Today’s Program: Sustainable Communities: Stew Erickson (Former Grocery Store and Pharmacy Owner in Northfield) Judith Freund

Happy Birthday: Rob Martin (10/23) and Doug Crane and Brett Reese (10/25)

Next Week: Vicky Dennis Classification (Benson)

Last Week:

Zane Anway shared his experiences as an exchange student in Bolivia. He called it an “amazing experience,” and he can’t wait to return.

Zane spent the year living in Santa Cruz, which is located east of the Andes Mountains and south of the Amazon River basin. His first host family was an animated, outgoing household. His host father is a retired veterinarian; his host mother operates a pharmacy. While Zane lived with them, two of his host sisters were married. He was asked to “break dance” at both wedding receptions.

Zane had a ringside seat to the political strife that plagues Bolivia. He witnessed protest marches and calls for “autonomia.”

He found the food exciting, and his travels took him to New Year’s in Brazil, where he linked up with another Northfield exchange student, Daniel Lohmann. He also visited the train graveyard, Fish Island and the salt flats. And, of course, there was the carnivale. One big party, he said.

Guests: Kirsten, Bernd, Matt and Gitta Reppmann and Georgene Malecha (Stull); Karen Anway, John and Laurie Larson, Erin Bakke and Rianna Dilley (Dilley); Therese Whitesong (Cashman); Jack Gibbons (Williams)

Scholarship Enhancement: Reggie


Jack Gibbons, a Rotarian from Lakeville, invited us to a Rotary Foundation fundraiser Saturday, Nov. 1, at the Prom Center in Oakdale. The event is a kickoff for a campaign to match the $50 million pledged by the Gates Foundation toward the PolioPlus campaign. Dr. Robert Scott, longtime supporter and fundraiser for PolioPlus, will be the featured speaker.

Jim Blaha is a genius. He wants to hold Kids Voting on the same day as the national election. This guy has management potential. If you can help with this important project, see Jim.

President Laurie reported that October is Vocational Service Month. The Membership Committee will be reviewing our membership’s classifications to see if our mix adequately reflects the community.

Happy NewsHannah Puczko is happy that the school’s mentoring project has been funded for another three years with a $390,000 grant from the Department of Justice….Robert Bierman completed his 12th marathon recently and his times are improving. Living testament that you can teach old dogs new tricks.

Coming up

Nov. 6 – Wayne Abdella, classification (Blake Abdella)

Nov. 13 – Peruvian medical/dental mission trips with St. Olaf students, (Jerry Appeldoorn)