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Cogwheel | Thursday | 8.28.08

August 28, 2008

Today’s Program: Scott Davis, Classification

Birthdays: Hannah Puczko (8/28)

Next Week: Bike Tour orientation

Last Week:

The Group Study Exchange to Peru seems like one of this mind-bending, too-good-to-be-true travel packages one finds on the Internet — 31 days 42 nights.

It may not add up, but Sara Hale, an art instructor from ARTech, and her four companions, Erin Nemo, Chris Messer, Amanda Smith and Bill Rust, weathered a challenging schedule on their visit earlier this year. They visited 15 cities, traveled more than 1,100 miles by bus and had an itinerary that laid waste to anything resembling a circadian rhythm. The hospitality extended to them was lavish. They each had seven host families during the visit, attended 19 Rotary meetings and were inundated with requests to find support for 20 different Rotary projects in Peru.

Sara said it was an “incredible” experience. She has a new understanding of Rotary International and plans to use what she has learned in her classroom.

Welcome exchange students

They and their host families are:

Elisa “Scooter” Skytte of Denmark (Jane and Noel Tetreault)

Ryota Kimura of Japan (Rob and Patricia Martin)

Matheus Mattos of Brazil (Tony and Kristi Huettl)

Pablo Maldonado of Ecuador (Lee and Vicki Dilley)

Guests: Ryota Kimura, our exchange student from Japan (Quinnell); Natalie, Keith and Linnea Johnson and Anne Klawiter (Williams).

Scholarship Enhancement: Jack Hoschouer


Sign up for the bike tour. Many hands make light work.

Richard Maus offered more gift copies of his book “I’m the Lucky One,” which chronicles his journey with polio. He suggests, if so moved, readers can make a donation to Polio Plus through President Williams or Curtis Tiano, our treasurer.

Bill Talen relayed greetings from Ann Nielsen, a former exchange student from Denmark. She spent the 1978-79 school year in Northfield.

Alan Alberg reported a “thank you” from the Rice County Humane Society for our recent $100 donation.

Happy News: Lots of people —- Fred Rogers, Gary Meidt, Bob Conley and guest Bill Rust — are happy about reaching matrimonial milestones. ….Under the “small world” category, Orv Marks said his grandson and Olympian Michael Phelps swam together as kids in Baltimore. We all know what Phelps did, but Orv said his grandson went on to be an outstanding swimmer in his own right at Johns Hopkins University.

Coming Up:

Sept. 11 – Britta Bloomberg, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, “Historic Preservation: The Old and the New” (Wilmot).

Sept. 18 -Tyler Martinson: Back from Sweden (Dilley)

Sept. 25 -South Central College’s engineering program (Blake Abdella)