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Cogwheel | Thursday | 8.14.08

August 14, 2008

Today’s Program: District Governor Roy Sjoberg (Cashman)

Birthdays: Barbara Will (8/11)

Next Week: Sarah Hale, art specialist and advisor at ARTech, back from Rotary Group Study Exchange to Peru (Wolle)

Last Week:

Jonathon Een Newton admits to being scared. His plane landed in one of Brazil’s largest cities, and he, with limited language skills, had to connect with his host family. But as he quickly learned: “It seems like everything works out fine in Brazil.”

In retrospect, it was one of the best years of his life, Jonathon said. He learned about Brazil time and the culture’s “laid-back” rhythms. And he tolerated the uniforms for his Catholic school and the school’s lockdown feature.

He noted the country’s rich ethnic diversity. There are large segments of the population with either Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, African or German ancestry. He said the people identify closely with the Catholic faith, but church attendance is low. But attendance at Sunday brunch with family is high, a reflection of the value placed on family. Jonathon experienced many family gatherings with a rotating cast of characters.

Some fun facts about Brazil courtesy of Jonathon:

  • Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world by land area and population;
  • It has 4,600 miles of ocean coastline;
  • It boarders all but two South American countries;
  • Brazil has the 10th largest economy in the world.
Guests: Mary Auge (Prowe), Andrea, Andrew and Betty Een (Newton), Lee Berkhold (Maus), Rebecca Langer, Caila Hall and Tyler Martinson (Dilly), Emily and Sue Quinnell (Quinnell) and Frank Grazzini (Wilmot)

Scholarship Enhancement: Jan Stevens


Neil Lutsky encouraged everyone to commit to a job to support the Jesse James Bike Tour, our largest fundraiser. He also praised Kurt Larson of Larson Fabrics and Alan Marks and company at Engage for contributing to the bike tour.

Tuesday, Sept. 9, is Rotary Night at the Dome. If you are interested in attending, see President Laurie.

Mark Abbot of the World Community Service Committee reported that five industrial sewing machines have been purchased for the training center in Ecuador. Hooray!

Chris Weber said the club is forming a committee to explore the promotion of sustainability in our world. If you want in on the ground floor, contact Chris.

Happy News: Peg Prowe has a new grandchild; Chris Weber’s wife earned six blue ribbons at the Dakota County Fair for her quilt work; Mark Abbott’s son, Zander, has a job and health insurance; Richard Collman’s daughter is engaged to be married; and Jim Herreid noted his long tenure with Northwestern Mutual, 50 years.

Coming Up:

Aug. 28 – Scott Davis, classification

Sept. 4 – Bike tour orientation – Neil Lutsky

Sept. 11 – Britta Bloomberg, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, speaking on “Historic Preservation: The Old and the New” (Wilmot).