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Cogwheel | Thursday | 7.31.08

July 31, 2008

Today’s Program: Felicia Hansell returns from ThailandBirthdays: Lynn Young (7/28)

Next Week: Jonathon Een Newton – Back from Brazil

Last Week:

Northfield Finance Director Kathleen McBride introduced members to a draft of the city’s Comprehensive Improvement Plan and invited us to contribute to its development. There will be a public hearing Monday, Aug. 4, 7 p.m. at City Hall and she invited us to attend. She said public input is important to creating a plan and a process that can get things accomplished.

There are a number of factors limiting Northfield capital improvements. The city is heavily dependent on local government aid from the state. Kathleen said state efforts to resolve budget deficits without raising taxes will likely result in cuts in aid to cities and counties. “When the state sneezes, local governments catch the cold,” she said.

The city has a history of postponing capital improvement projects, which doesn’t make for good policy formation. She pointed to the pool project as an example of how not to do capital improvement planning.

Kathleen said the city wrote off $2.2 million of investments due to a bad episode with an investment firm that held some of the city’s certificates of deposits. Half of that was covered by the city reserves. The rest will be replaced over time.

Guests: Victor Summa (Estenson)Scholarship Enhancement: Hmmmm….We don’t know.


District Governor Roy Sjoberg will be our speaker on Aug. 14. President Laurie Williams would like to see a full house that day. And it wouldn’t hurt to ramp up the wardrobes to at least business casual. This is directed at everybody, not just Jim Pokorney and Mike Lane.

District Event … Educational Seminar on August 8th for PR, Membership, & the Foundation (Williams).

The DJJD Bike Tour, our largest fundraising event, is only six weeks away (Stull).

Rick Estenson is back from Europe. He met up with “Ole,” a Danish exchange student to Northfield from 2001-2002. He also met the incoming Danish exchange student to Northfield.

Jim Prichard invites you to create good memories and international goodwill by helping a visiting 16-year old from Germany see more of the region than the Twin Cities and southeastern Minnesota. The boy is the grandson of Jim’s German host family of 33 years ago. He will be here August 6 through September 2.

Northfield noontime organ recitals are resuming (Collman).

Coming Up:

Aug. 14 – District Governor Roy Sjoberg (Assistant District Governor Mark Cashman)

Aug. 21 – Sarah Hale, art specialist and advisor at ARTech, back from Rotary Group Study Exchange to Peru.

Aug. 28 – Scott Davis, classification

Sept. 4 – Bike tour orientation – Neil Lutsky