2007 Northfield Rotary Club Visioning Team

October 9, 2007

vision-team-1 vision-team-doc

Jim Blaha asked me to post this PDF of a Powerpoint on the Visioning Process Update that was made to the President’s Council on Sept. 20, 2007. It reads in part:

On July 30, 2007, fourteen Northfield Rotarians, with the guidance of the District 5960 Facilitation Team, wrote a letter nominating their club for the coveted “Distinguished Club Medallion.”

In our process, each of us conceived a vision of what the Northfield Rotary Club looked like five years hence, and then shared our responses.

We were asked to evaluate our Club in several categories. We then took all of our notes and ideas and built a consensus within the room. The notes were memorialized into a document. A group has been working on reducing these many thoughts into an elevator ride summary of our vision. We are preparing to share all the info with you in our quarterly mailer in October.

What Happens then?

Since this is just the ideas of a few and we need consensus among the masses, we need to share our thoughts and get your feedback and ideas to develop buy in. Look for a big mailer this quarter that includes this information and some financial reports from past years.

How do I ask questions or give feedback?

We have a President’s Council consisting of the following individuals: Jim Blaha, David Brown, Mark Cashman, Charlie Cogan, Laurie Williams, Rick Estenson.

Our leaders shape our accomplishments, so we want their commitment to this future. The quarterly mailer will include much of this information as well as inform you of a Fall date to help us finalize our long range plans.

Click this image for the names of members of the Visioning team. Use the member pages to contact them.