Host Families: How can we say Thank You enough?

Northfield Rotary Youth Exchange Host Family History

Host families are a vital part of the cultural exchange, immersing the student in a variety of activities while in the host country. The host family plays a large role in offering the student a view of another country and gains the opportunity to learn about a new culture.  Hosting is a tremendous experience in which you can share in a young person’s hopes and dreams and develop a lifelong connection with a student and family from another country. It can be challenging to help a young person transition to a new culture and ease into the surroundings but the rewards are immeasurable.  Many of the host families and students have continued their relationship as a “family member” long into future. 


Host families are critically important to the success of the program and

We are so very thankful for Our Host Families!

We do apologize for any errors or omissions, we have pooled our collective memory and there are some gaps that we hope to one day get filled in.  Please leave a note for us to make any corrections.  Thanks.  Vicki


Pau Gordillo Ortemberg, Spain

  • Susie and Paul Beaumaster

Supisara Jivavitoonkit (Amy), Thailand

  • Mike and Ann Leming

Kengo Osumi, Japan

  • Benjamin and Jill Fisher

Beatriz Rebello (Bia), Brazil

  • Andrea and Brian Hoff

Hye Gyo Shin (Sera), S. Korea

  • Lee and Vicki Dilley


Brando Suarez Toloza (Nico), Colombia

  • Chris Sullivan and Dan Kelley
  • Kristin Lucas
  • Heather and Davide Kuehl

Wanzita Ally (Leila), Tanzania

  • Jenny and Brent Nystrom
  • Susan and Paul Beaumaster
  • Sarah and David Beimers

Byeonghoon Kwun (Eric), S. Korea

  • Amy and Brent Klein
  • Eric Littles and John Hosterman
  • Marla and Alan Erickson

Kuang-Shen Chien (Daniel), Taiwan

  • Nancy and Steve Braker
  • Kathleen and Jeremy Schuerman
  • Jacqueline and Tracy Nelson

Emma Nielsen, Denmark

  • Kathleen and Stephen Brinton
  • Ellen and Todd Iverson
  • Leanne and Timothy Noble

Matteo Lombardo, Italy


Nicole Blaires Cohler (Paraguay)

          Julie and Paul Thornton

          Margaret and Michael Ludwig

          Mary and Daniel Magnuson

Carson Hao-Hsuan Hsia (Taiwan)

          Sian and Gary Muir

          Shana and Martin Hodel

          Keiko Nishioka and William Bridges

Jose Martinez Maza (Mexico)

          Wendy and Andrei Sivanich

          Anna O’Donnell and Kyle Eastman



Inbound Students

Philipy De Oliveira Pena Lopes (Brazil)

            Shari and David Holman

            Erica and Stephan Zweifel

            Amy and Paul Lunderby


Marcelo Lecaros (Peru)

            Carolyn Link and Peter Carlson

            Laura and Mark Heiman

            Karen and Cameron Davidson


Giulia Mercanti (Italy)

            Julie and Paul Thornton

            Shana and Martin Hodel

            Julie Anderson


Lydia Sólheim (Faroe Islands)

            Wendy and Andrei Sivanich

            Karen and Robert Anderson

            Nancy and Steve Braker


Lucas Coelho (Brazil)

            Paul & Julie Thornton

            Bill & Janine Nelson

            Marshall & Carla Hansen

Gunho Park (South Korea)

             Wendy & Andrei Sivanich

             Peggy & Kevin Fink

             John Otto & Nancy Amermann

Rodolfo Ramirez (Chile)

            Tiffany & Erik Nelson

            Christopher Ludewig & Tammy McDonough

            Katy & Joe Hargis

Yoshino Tokigawa (Japan)

            Wendell Arneson & Beth Christianson

            Anastasia & Mike Balfany

            Steve & Nancy Braker


Adnan Mansjur (Indonesia)

            Theresa & Mark Duchene

            Paul & Susie Beaumaster

            Juliette & Daniel Sayner

Carolina Riofrio (Ecuador)

            Tom & Megan Durkin

Cindy Wang (Taiwan)

            Rich & Virginia Lorang

            Kari Nelson & Steve Meyer

            John & Susan Sinning

Mizuki Oeda   (Japan)

            Bill & Janine Nelson

            Kari & John Duba

            Lael & Mona Weselmann

Rachael Dawson (India)

            Mike & Melisaa Berthelson

            Melissa & Paul Ousley

            Marilyn & Tim Hanson


Aishwarya Gokhale (India)

              Mike & Mary Mitchel

               John & Kathy Smestad

               Candy & Cliff Taylor

Camilo Zuluaga (Colombia)

               Russ & Karna Halverson

               Kari Meyer & Steve Nelson

               Paul & Jana Carlson-Donohoe

Nichapat Tishyhadigama (Thailand)

              Clara & Rob Hardy

              Clarice & James Grabau

              Deanna Haunsperger & Stephen Kennedy

Felicia Speychal (Sweden)

              Ellen & Tom Roster

              Angela & Bob Dobrow

              Becky Wagner & Dan Forsythe

              Marshall & Carla Hansen

Leo Fanton (Brazil)

              Tim & Marilyn Hansen

 Mathilde Mortenson (Denmark)

              Tim & Patty Geary

              Dave & Pat Van Wylen

              Jim & Jody Lundell


Marion Arpin  (France)

               Jodi & Jim Lundell

              Craig & Cheryl Hall

              Karna & Russ Halverson

 Miguel Sales Lima de Carvalho (Brazil)

              Hank & Jane Tetrault

              Cindy & Barry Carlson

              Melissa & Paul Ousley

 Nikolaj Svendson  (Denmark)

              Cameron & Karen Davidson

              Mike & Kelly Scheuerman

              Carla & Marshall Hansen

  Philippa Wenzl  (Germany)

              Elaine & Scott Nesbit

              Tim & Marilyn Hansen

              Jeff & Chris Dykema

 Tatiana Almoguera Rodriguez  (Spain)

              Becky Bennedict & Gary Miessler

              Cindy & Marc Robinson

              Clarice & James Grabau


Roberto Pedros Bretos  (Spain)

              Pat & Dawn O’Neil

              Beth & Blake Abdella

Luisa Tiexiera de Paula   (Brazil)

              Kelly & Mike Scheuerman

              Mike & Michelle Murphy

              Shari & George Acosta


Ryota Kimura ( Japan)

              Rob & Patricia Martin

              Mark & Diana Abbott

              Kris & Rick Estenson

Pablo Maldonado   (Ecuador)

              Lee & Vicki Dilley

              Kay & Kevin O’Connell

              Mary Loven & Tom Holt

Elissa Skytte (Denmark)

              Hank & Jane Tetrault

              Anne & Dave Brust

              Tom & Megan Durkin

Matheus Mattos  (Brazil)

              Tony & Kristy Huettl

              Mark & Susan Quinnell

              Candy & Cliff Taylor


Katrin Holl (Austria)

              Craig & Cheryl Hall        

              Greg & Vicki Langer

              Nan Just & Brent Betterly           

              Greg & Angie Kleese

Pauline Pedussel  (France)

              Vicki & Lee Dilley            

              Natalie & Keith Johnson

              Becky Bennedict & Gary Miessler

Javier Arevalo  (Ecuador)

              Randy Jennings & Mary Griep

              Candy & Cliff Taylor

              Mark & Susan Quinnell


Daniel Auza (Bolivia)

              Mark & Kathy Mellstrom

              Pat & Dawn O’Neill

              Blake & Beth Abdella

Agnes Mallieke (Germany)

              Anthony & Janice Roberts

              Ross & Sarah Currie

              Thomas & Anndora Barvir

Laura Putnina (Latvia)

              Bill Bruihler & Ruth Anne Rasmusson

              Mark & Dianna Abbott

              Gary & Valerie Bollinger


Geri Ruilowa (Bolivia)

              Kurt & Barbara Anderson

              Terry & Linda Barck

              Cliff & Candy Taylor

Nozomi Hansawa (Japan)

              Cliff & Candy Taylor

              Brian & Terri Harmelink

              Richard Brown & Susan Dunhampt

Kirsty Greenwood   (S. Africa)

              Mark Gleason & Kristi Wermager

              Vicki & Lee Dilley

              Laurie & John Larson


Camilla Baldasso (Brazil)

              Mark & Susan Quinnell

              Randy Jennings & Mary Griep

              Cliff & Candy Taylor

Anne Sofie Barbier (France)

              John Barbour & Meg Ojala Barbour

              Dennis & Jane Rinehart

              Kari Sobeck

              Terrance & Jean Wakely

Filippe Coutinho   (Brazil)

              Lee & Vicki Dilley

              Mark & Diana Abbott

              Alan & Lynette Marks


Claudia Novoa  (Chile)

              Kristi Wermager & Mark Gleason 

              Vicki & Lee Dilley

              Mark & Diana Abbott

Kozue Yamada  (Japan)

              Norm Butler & Diane Burry

              Valerie & Gary Bollinger

              Mike Flynn & Angelique Deitz


Bruno Garcia (Spain)

              Mark & Kathy Mellstrom

              Stephen & Leona Openshaw

              Gary & Susan Singer

Sourabah  Manjrekar  (India)

              Joan & Carl Behr

              Tom & Marilyn Neuville

              Paul & Elinor Niemisto


Diana Urena (Dominican Republic)

            Rick & Kris Estenson

            Greg & Nancy Carlson

            Paul Thiboutot & Diana Postlethwaite

Visun Saipinmalee (Thailand)

           Mark & Connie Albers

           Robert & Sarah Entenmann

            Paul & Elinor Neimisto


Ole Sonderby (Denmark)

            Rick and Kris Estenson

            John & Gretchen Ehresmann

            Clay & Mary Lynn Oglesbee

Manayo Ogyu (Japan)

Stan & Jan Stevens

Lee & Vicki Dilley

Rob & Patricia Martin

Fabiola Grande (Paraguay)

Michael & Sheila Foote

David & Linda Hellmich

Jim & Sue Schlichting


Christelle Sitti (Senegal)

              Stan & Jan Stevens

              Marty Marzoff  & Mary Hardy

              Paul Thiboutot & Diana Postlethwaite

Matthias Bergner (Germany)

              Ken & Connie Sansome

              David & Martha Brown

              Mark & Mary Werner


Tiago De Paiva Prota  (Brazil)

              Tom & Melissa Newman

              Mike & Sheila Foote

              Richard & Donna Jackson

Jackie “Delphine” Sagory   (France)

              Dan & Susan Jorgenson

              Don & Denise Lum

              Dave & Martha Brown


Javier Igancio Echeverria Pena  (Chile)

              Tom & Melissa Neuman

              Don & Denise Lum

              Dan & Susan Jorgensen


Dagmara Dreiskena (Latvia)

              Jim & Mary Weidner

              Ray & Charlotte DeVries

              Tom & Melissa Neuman


Amit Shesh (India)

              Bill & Pat Hagerty

              Tom & Melissa Neuman


Brenda Cristal Toralva  (Mexico)

              Stan & Jan Stevens

              Char Musgjerd


Seckin Koksal (Turkey)

              Dan & Susan Jorgensen

              Mary & James Weidner

              Alice & Larry Bates

 Akihisa Yahata (Japan)

              David & Martha Brown

              Ken & Connie Sansome

              Donna & Richard Jackson


 Lucie Kotschova  (Czech Republic)

              Barbara & Charles Wilson

              Jennifer & Bill Johnson

              Raymonde & Richard Noer

Monica Gonzalez (Bolivia)

              Lois & Ed Langerak

              Carol & Tim Cowles

              Pam Moeller & Rick Esse


 Carlos Jose Huggins Davila (Venezuela)

              Corrine & Ed Matney

              Julie & Dan Rogers

              Ron Linde

Christain Mauricio Viani  (Argentina)

              Diane & Ron Cirksena

              Corrine & Ed Matney

              Ginger & Davis Larson

Zahavia Vahanvaty  (India)

              Carolyn & Les Svendsen

              Georgia & John Jackson

              Carol & Bruce Benson


 Jesper Ewald Elming  (Denmark)

              Wayne & Julie Eddy

              John Ause & Chris Metzke

              Charles & Mary Kay Jenness

Severine Boue  (France)

              Michael & Elis Michlin

              Virgil & Jean Carlson

              Bill & Laurie Cowles


 Monica Alejanra Sepulveda  (Chile)

              John Ause & Chris Metzke

              Kathy & Randy Olson

              Grace & Cliff Clark 

Poonyot Theeraladanon  (Thailand)

              Grace & Cliff Clark

              Richard & Raymonde Noer

              Sue Anne & Davis Von 

Kgomotso Lousa Matsunyane  (S. Africa)

              John Ause & Chris Metzke

              Jay & Linda Pringle

              Sue Anne & Davis Von 


 Marvin Neils Kraemer  (Germany)

              Wayne & Alice Kivell

              Mary & Charles Jenness

Joanne Leah McPherson  (Australia)

              Ted & Mary Hovey

              Paul & Anne Klinefelter

              John & Georgia Jackson 


Anne Catherin Misonne  (Belgium)

              Bob & Cora Scholz

              James & Judy Cederberg

              Cheryl & Terry Johnson 

Gregory William Crichton  (S. Africa)

              Ruth Anna & Dan Gustafson (Now Ruth Anna Miller)

              David & Mary Ann Emery

              Keith & Judy Covey


Masahiro Ikebuchi  (Japan)

              Clifford & Grace Clark

              Doug & Barb Schetnan

              Bob & Cora Scholz 

Ornellas “Paulo” Franklin  (Brazil)

              Bruce & Audrey Moe

              Joellen & Tom Wierson

              Norma & Osmund Ause

              Charlie Black & Barb Boffenkamp 


Mina Ktariina Tarkka  (Finland)

              Myron & Carol Solid

              Doug & Ruth Crane

              David & Helen Medin

Janina Marie Gray  (New Zealand)

              Lee & Dottie Swan

              Clifford & Grace Clark

              Carolyn & Ken Jennings

              Jim & Carolyn Holden 


 Ismael Castro  (Mexico)

              Keith & Bev Anderson

              Jerry Laurence & Maria Rogers

              Bill & Char Carlson 


Sheila Villano (Phillipines)

              Don & Pat Skluzacek

              Al & Vera Haugen

              Bill & Char Carlson


Annika Persson  (Sweden)

              DeWayne & Theo Wee

              Don & Bonnie Pavek

              Don Schneider


Martin Andre Kreigler  (S. Africa)

              Lee & Dottie Swan

              Harry & Melanie Shearer

              Keith & Judy Covey


Rieko Hagiwara   (Japan)

              Marston & Dorothy Headley

              Norma & Osmund Ause


Anne Quist Nielsen     (Denmark)

              Mary Lin & Bob Bruce

              Will Brosz


Beth Gilligan    (Australia)

              Bill & Nancy Nelson

              Duane & Marie Benson

              Jim & Shirley Herreid

              Norma & Osmund Ause


Julio Cesar Coelbo (Brazil)


Susan Stevens (Australia)

Maria Luciana Lana (Brazil)


Paulo de Olivera (Brazil)


Evan Janstam (Sweden)


Johnnie Rvenginesh ( Thailand)