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Northfield Rotary Cogwheel – November 21, 2019

November 21, 2019

Next Week: TURKEY TROT ­— All hands on deck!

Birthdays: Jim Prichard (11/17), Kim Briske (11/22), Art Monaghan (11/25), Beth Kallestad (11/26) and  Matt Hillmann (11/29)

Last Week:

The politics of division and fear are both dehumanizing and dangerous, said Minnesota Representative Todd Lippert (DFL-House 20B). A vision of America that pits urban against rural, white against black and brown and old immigrants against new needs to be replaced with a more hopeful narrative, Todd said, one that acknowledges common interests and focuses on economic and racial equity. 

Todd, an ordained minister and first-term legislator from Northfield, said his vision is based on what he calls “communion table values.” We welcome people; we value everyone, and we make sure everyone has enough. From a policy perspective, those values translate into fully-funded schools, clean water, a stable climate, the wherewithal to care for children and elders and more generally racial and economic equity. 

“We’re in this together,” he said. “We have to be.”

Todd has an affinity for small towns and rural areas. He grew up in a small town in northwest Iowa, earned a degree from University of Iowa and received his theological training at United Theological Seminary in New Brighton. He served as a parish minister for eight years in southwest Wisconsin and has been at First UCC Northfield for the past seven years. He plans to resign in February to dedicate more time to promoting a common political agenda across geographical lines. 

Todd said he is excited about the city council’s recent adoption of a climate action plan. He is a member of the House Climate Action Caucus. He also serves on the Agriculture Committee and Water Policy Committee. He said land management that puts carbon in the ground is a productive strategy to achieve carbon sequestration. 


Kristi Pursell grew up in Minnesota and moved to Northfield in 2014. She serves as executive director of Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP). She is married with two children, a first grader and a four-year old. She will share more when she does her formal classification presentation.

Outbound Exchange Students:  

Anel Barojas Velazquez, Japan

Erin Gunn, Brazil

Paul Hanifl, Japan

Elsa Hoff, Spain

Andre Ischler Simonet, Spain

Elsa Kasten, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Rachel Leonard, Brazil

Athziri Marcial Rodriquez, Brazil

Samuel Pratt, Italy

Julia Radtke, Norway

Lezly Marcial Rosas, Italy

Armando Vadez, Taiwan


Guest: Cole Jones (Cogan)

Scholarship Enhancement:  

Sophie, our exchange student from Germany


• President-Elect Vicki Dilley announced that three new members have been approved by the board. They are Krista Danner, The Y’s new executive director; Amy Gorowitz, member of the Northfield School Board; and Karen Alawalla is renewing her membership after some time away. They will all be formally inducted at a later date.

• Jim Pokorney informed us that a group of turkeys is called a “rafter.” He wants Rotary’s rafter equivalent to sign-up for one of 57 volunteer spots at this year’s Turkey Trot. Look for a signup online or at today’s meeting.

• Robert Bierman thanked the club for its passionate support of the Turkey Trot, now in its 19th year. Sponsorships came in well and as of last Thursday, we had 668 people registered. He would like to see the food donations grow this year. Keep that in mind.

• Alan Anderson reported that the city council earlier this month passed a Climate Action Plan for the city. He encouraged us to go to the city website and read it.

• Janine Atchison thanked all who helped make last week’s Thanksgiving dinner at The Key such a success.  

Coming Up:  

Decmber 5 — Tony Huettl Classification (Quinnell)

Decmber 12 — Mark Priszler, Exchange Student (Lasswell & Frago)

Decmber 19 — Ellen Iverson, Classification (W. Sivanich)

Decmber 5 — No meeting. Enjoy the holidays.