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Rotary Cogwheel | July 12.2018

July 11, 2018

Today’s Program | Thursday, July 12, 2018

Today: Zack Zastrow Classification (Richardson)

Next Week: TBD

Birthdays: Kari Nelson 7/12, Jan Stevens 7/15, Candy Taylor 7/7

Statement of Purpose: Northfield Rotary Club is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through service and shared experience. We invite people from all corners of the community to join us as we partner with others to support youth, build sustainable infrastructure and preserve our planet. 


Amber Chavie brought her sons Robert and Derek; Jack Hoschauer introduced Cherry from Vietnam; and Penny Hilleman’s son Henry is getting closer to being an outbound to Zimbabwe


  • Andrei Sivanich is organizing his annual tennis tournament fundraiser. His goal is to raise $1000 for our club. See him if you have door prizes you or your business can donate to the cause
  • Wendy Sivanich still needs three host families for our 2018-19 inbound students. Spread the word!
  • Jim Pokorney is seeking volunteers for the Bike MN event July 16. Let him know if you can serve as a greeter or a luggage mover.
  • Jim Blaha was pleased to announce that he can retire in October when Scott Wopata takes over as the new Executive Director of the Community Action Center.
  • Scott Richardson enjoyed the Rotary conference in Toronto. After hearing inspirational speeches from Princess Anne, UNICEF and the World Health Organization, he is ready to hit the ground running as our new President.

Scholarship enhancement: Kengo

Last Week: Charlie Cogan joined Rotary in 1998 when he was living in Illinois. It all began when he asked Rotary for help after his wife’s brother died from complications of Malaria and Hepatitis B. Rotary told him they would need to finish their work with Polio Plus before they could take on Hep B, so Charlie helped to start a blood testing program in the meantime. His wife Nalonge works as a nurse and they have three children, John (31), Rafaella (19) and Pascal (15).

Todd Thompson updated us on the Save the Lake program in Guatemala.Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and is 1,700 feet deep. 450,000 people live near the lake and use it for drinking water but also dump their sewage into it. Save the Lake is working to clean up the lake by creating sanitation systems for wastewater and digging wells for drinking water. They have partnered with Agua del Pueblo, a nonprofit organization in Guatemala and another Rotary club in the lake region is also helping with the effort. 

Todd lived in Guatemala for two years while working for the Lutheran church, so Russ Halvorson thought he would be a great point person for the project. The lake is about the geographic size of Mille Lacs. So far the project has been funded by $83,000 in  Rotary Global Grant  funding, plus another $24,000 from club and district funds. The local Santa Lucia City Council in Guatemala also gave $7000. 

Todd recently worked with the Mil Milagros (1000 Miracles) program that runs health education in Guatemalan schools. He enjoyed singing with the kids and helped with digging wells and building bathrooms. The well they dug is 40.5 meters deep with 8 meters of water at the bottom. To run the well for 11 hours a day to cover the school and the 70 homes in the surrounding area, they need 30,000 liters of water per day. They hope to meter the water usage and bill each household accordingly. Besides digging wells, Save the Lake is building septic systems and vented latrines, plus educating the locals on maintaining the systems. Thanks Todd, for your great work on this project!

Coming Up:

July 26 – Laura Turek (Weber) Literacy Initiative – Special meeting at the Spring Creek Park Pavilion

Aug 9 – Brent Nystrom Classification (Reese)

Aug 16 – no lunch meeting, Climate Action Team presentation at the Weitz Center