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Rotary Cogwheel | 04.06.2017

April 4, 2017

Today’s Program | Thursday, April 6, 2017

Today: Mike Eaves, St. Olaf College hockey coach (Barry Carlson)

Next Week: Nico Suarez, Exchange Student (Stevens)

Birthdays: Rachel Estrella (4/6)

Last Week:
Chien, Kuang-Shen, known to us as Daniel Chien, first encountered snow in his exchange year here in Northfield. In his home country of Taiwan, there is a mountain range in the middle of the country with snow-capped peaks, but until he came here, he had never experienced it first-hand. But Daniel literally jumped with both feet into the Minnesota winter, call it meteorological immersion. He participated on the high school Nordic ski team.  

Daniel comes from a close family. His parents run a printing and design company back home, and his father is the president of the local Rotary club. Daniel said he appreciates what his parents have done to create a secure place for him.

Volleyball, basketball, and guitar are some of Daniel’s passions. He’s become an accomplished guitar player by watching You-Tube videos.

City life in Taiwan is busy, crowded and messier than what he has found in Northfield. The Chinese New Year is the premier holiday at home. When he returns home, Daniel will have two more years of school to complete before moving on to higher education.

Presentation: — Dave Brown presented a Paul Harris Fellowship +8 pin to Mark Abbott.

Guests: Nancy and Steve Braker and Jackie Nelson (Daniel); Stephanie Marks (Snodgrass)

Scholarship Enhancement: John Larson


— Jean Wakely will host new-member orientation and lunch on Wednesday, May 3, from noon-1:00 p.m. at Community Resource Bank. We have added 14 new members in the past 20 months. Current members who’d like a refresher are also welcome. Please RSVP to Jean.

— Rotary will hold a party Thursday, June 8, at the Estenson Event Center to celebrate graduation for our exchange students. The fun will begin at 6 p.m. and go to 7:30 p.m. It will also be an opportunity to thank sponsors of our Turkey Trot and Bike Tour, so be on your best behavior. We want to make a good impression.

Inbound students are:
Daniel Chien from Taiwan

Emma Nielsen from Denmark

Nico Suarez Toloza from Colombia

Eric Kwun from South Korea
Wanzita Ally from Tanzania
Matteo Lombardo, Italy

Our 2016-17 outbound students are:

Sage Brinton, Argentina

Caroline Hummel, Norway

Noah Klein, South Korea

Jane Ludwig, Colombia

Yizel Marcial, Germany

Daiki Nishioka, Taiwan

Liliana (Lily) Noble, Italy

Emma Pritchard, Taiwan

Nathaniel Urke, Brazil.

Coming Up

April 20 — Margo Squire, Nuclear Non-Proliferation (R. Flaten)

April 27 — Wanzita Ally, (Barry Carlson)

May 4 — Gordon Marino, St. Olaf philosophy professor and boxing coach

May 11 — Bill Davnie, retired Foreign Service Officer, the Future of Europe (S. Flaten)