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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.23.2017

March 21, 2017

Today’s Program | Thursday, March 23, 2017

Today: Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, Autobiography, (Rogers)

Next Week: Daniel Chien, Inbound Exchange Student (Ischler)

Birthdays: Rich Lorang (3/21)

Last Week:
Eric Kwun, our exchange student from South Korea, must think he is on permanent vacation. Back home, his school day begins at 7 a.m., and he closes his textbooks at 10 p.m. Things are different here.

Eric comes from Kwangju, a city in the southwestern part of South Korea. His father works in the shipping industry. His older brother was attending college but now is in the military. Eric describes his city as a vibrant place. He appreciates public transportation it offers.

South Korea is half the size of Minnesota, but is home to some 50 million people. It has its problems. The suicide rate for high school students is high, as is the teen smoking rate, household debt and wage disparity between men and women. On the upside, South Korea will host the next Winter Olympics, and it produces good video games and K-pop music.

Eric has goals for the near future. He wants to get his driver’s license, master up to seven jobs, surf the ocean, build his own house and help someone who has helped him.

He said he appreciates the opportunity to be in Northfield and thanked Rotary for hosting him this year.

Vicki Dilley provided some background on our youth exchange program. We received our first inbound student in 1969. The next year Rotary sent two students on exchange, one to Brazil and one to Mexico. Since then we have sent some 300 students to other countries on exchange. Each inbound student requires a $3,000 subsidy from the club. It provides some spending money and covers things like activity fees, clothes and incidentals. She said what makes the program successful is the generous hospitality of the host families who open their homes to our students each year. Eighteen host families are needed to accommodate the six inbound exchange students this year. Vicki also praised the work of club members Rick Estenson, Kari Nelson and Lee Dilley who have assumed leadership roles in the North Star Rotary Youth Exchange.

Guests: Jenni Roney and Rhonda Pownell (Kyte), Rich Hirsch (Koenig), Amy and Brent Klein and Marla Erickson (Eric), Yogi’s friend Evelyn (Cogan)

Scholarship Enhancement: Chris Weber


— Northfield Rotary women were featured in the latest Girlfriends magazine published by Southern Minnesota Media earlier this month. The article talks about the growth of female membership over time and the important contributions our female members have made. The story by Beth Forkner Moe is accompanied with a photo of 14 of our members. The story can be found at

— Yogi Reppmann is hosting a Euro-Atlantic Conference Thursday, March 30 – Sunday, April 2 at St. John’s Lutheran Church here in Northfield. Here is a link for information on the conference: There is no charge and lunches and dinners are free. But please register. Yogi needs to know how many are coming. The conference coincides with Yogi’s 60th birthday so he is inviting all of us to Froggy Bottoms at 8 p.m. Friday, March 31, to share in the revelry.

— Alan Anderson’s thoughtful letter on climate change was published in the most recent issue of Rotary magazine.

— Rotary will hold a party Thursday, June 8, at the Estenson Event Center to celebrate graduation for our exchange students. The fun will begin at 6 p.m. and go to 7:30 p.m. It will also be an opportunity to thank sponsors of our Turkey Trot and Bike Tour, so be on your best behavior. We want to make a good impression.

— If you are interested in attending Rotary District 5960’s District Conference Thursday, April 27 through Saturday, April 29, see President Lasswell. This is open to all Rotarians and is a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary and meet fellow Rotarians. You are not required to go to the whole conference, but can go to whatever works with your schedule. Here is a link for more information and registration:

Inbound students are:
Daniel Chien from Taiwan

Emma Nielsen from Denmark

Nico Suarez Toloza from Colombia

Eric Kwun from South Korea
Wanzita Ally from Tanzania
Matteo Lombardo, Italy

Our 2016-17 outbound students are:

Sage Brinton, Argentina

Caroline Hummel, Norway

Noah Klein, South Korea

Jane Ludwig, Colombia

Yizel Marcial, Germany

Daiki Nishioka, Taiwan

Liliana (Lily) Noble, Italy

Emma Pritchard, Taiwan

Nathaniel Urke, Brazil.

Coming Up

April 6 — Mike Eaves, St. Olaf College hockey coach (Barry Carlson)

April 13 — Wanzita Ally, (Barry Carlson)

April 20 — David Stanford, Classification

April 27 — Margo Squire, Nuclear Non-Proliferation (R. Flaten)