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Rotary Cogwheel | 01.12.2017

January 10, 2017

Today’s Program | Thursday, January 12, 2017

Today: Paul Krause, Documenting Northfield (Sinning)

Birthdays: Ragh Singh (1/10), Lynne Pederson (1/11) and Erica Zweifel (1/14)

Next Week: Janine Atchison, Classification

Last Week:
Where I come from “throwing stones” is reference to a kidney condition, not an Olympic sport. But Paul Ellarby sees it differently. 

Paul and his wife, Darcy, are enthusiastic promoters of curling, a team sport on ice that dates back to 16th century Scotland. They are opening Dakota Curling later this month in downtown Lakeville, offering instruction and league play during the winter and spring.

Paul describes the game as “chess on ice.” Teams of four take turns sliding a 42-pound granite puck toward a target, 135-feet away, in hopes of out-maneuvering the opposing team. Teammates aid the cause by sweeping the ice in front of the stone in hopes of guiding it to a strategic landing.

Paul and Darcy have been running the Dakota Curling club out of ice arenas for the past 10 years, and now, for the first time, have dedicated space for their members. Paul said the sport is gaining in popularity. This is the Twin Cities’ fourth curling club. The others are in St. Paul, Blaine and Chaska. Dakota Curling, alone, has introduced 1,200 new curlers to the sport over the past 10 years, Paul said.

Curling is an Olympic sport. Minnesota, which has a curling tradition, has sent more players to compete in the Olympics than any other state.

The leagues at Dakota Curling run for eight-weeks in the winter and for another eight weeks in the spring. It costs $150 per session. There are also less expensive instructional classes and sampler courses that cost less.

Paul said the venture has been embraced by other businesses in Lakeville. He estimates the club will draw a 100 people a night to downtown Lakeville and several hundred on the weekends.

For more information, go to:


Denny Hanson hails from Mapleton, the curling capital of Southern Minnesota. He graduated from Luther College, spent eight years teaching and coaching and then went into banking. He has worked for corporate banks, mid-size banks and now with a community bank, Northfield’s Community Resource Bank, where he serves as president and CEO.

A Rotary work study exchange program to Australia in 1982 piqued Denny’s interest in the organization. Shortly thereafter, he joined a club. That was 31 years ago.  Denny met his wife, Kris, in college. They have three daughters and nine grandchildren.

Guests: Amber Schmitz (Larson)

Scholarship Enhancement: Our speaker Paul Ellarby, who donated his winnings back to the club.

Today is your last chance to nominate someone from outside the club for our “Good Neighbor” award. See Erica Zweifel if you have a nomination.

Rob Bierman reported record gross ($42,295) and net ($31,436) for the 16th annual Turkey Trot. He thanked key committee members Rick Estenson and Kurt Larson for their hard work, and suggested we do the event again next year.

The Paul Harris Foundation Centennial Dinner is planned for Thursday evening, Feb. 16, 6:30 p.m. at Bethel Lutheran Church. Stay tuned for more details.

Charlie Cogan is pitching a “winter plunge” for polio eradication, a tough sell in the midst of a cold snap. This member will beg off. It takes me 30-minutes to slide into a swimming pool on a hot July day. I’d go into cardiac arrest before I hit the water. Laurie Williams suggested a free-range feature to the event, say a plunge in the ocean while vacationing in Cancun. More to come.

The most current listing of committee assignments and leadership responsibilities is printed on Page 3 of the Cogwheel. If you have been misplaced or want to change your committee assignment, let Scott Richardson know.

Inbound students are:
Daniel Chien from Taiwan

Emma Nielsen from Denmark

Nico Suarez Toloza from Colombia

Eric Kwun from South Korea
Wanzita Ally from Tanzania
Matteo Lombardo, Italy

Our 2016-17 outbound students are:

Sage Brinton, Argentina

Caroline Hummel, Norway

Noah Klein, South Korea

Jane Ludwig, Colombia

Yizel Marcial, Germany

Daiki Nishioka, Taiwan

Liliana (Lily) Noble, Italy

Emma Pritchard, Taiwan

Nathaniel Urke, Brazil.

Coming Up

January 26 — Emma Nielsen, Exchange Student (Frago)

February 2 — Tesgaye Nega, Improving Cooking Solutions in Ethopia (Rogers)

February 9 — Andrei Sivanich, Classification

February 16 — Paul Harris Foundation Dinner. No noon meeting.