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Rotary Cogwheel | 06.9.2016

June 7, 2016

Today’s Program | Thursday, June 9, 2016

Today: Jennifer Dunn-Foster, Classification (V. Dilley)

Birthdays: David Wolf (6/6)

Next Week: Robert Shepley, MD, Joint Replacements (Estenson)

Last Week:
No. They are not putting a dome over Dundas. Mike and Sherry Foster are building a sports dome in Dundas.

Their children’s love affair with lacrosse is the genesis of this project, a 90,000 square foot dome on the north end of Dundas, west of Highway 3 on Cannon Road. They watched two of their four children play lacrosse in domes around the state and thought there is a need for one in the Dundas-Northfield area.



Idle conversation with Paul Wegman, a local realtor, led to a proposal, and they decided to dive into this $3 million project. The dome will be privately owned and operated. The owners say their aim is not to make money, but to provide a space for kids to recreate.

Mark Biegelbach owns the scheduling firm that will manage the facility. His company works with several domes and has a lot of expertise siting, developing and managing them. The Dundas Dome will be the second Horizon Dome in the state.

The dome is considered a temporary structure and can only be inflated for 185 days each year. It is conceived as a “practice facility,” with no permanent bleachers or other permanent structures. The field will be all turf with room for one and a half football fields with striping for soccer, lacrosse, football, and two NCAA regulation softball fields. There will be a small management office and bathroom facilities in a permanent adjacent building.

The plan is to break ground by June 20 and open on November 1. The project needs commitments from sports groups before opening. Studies suggest you need three school districts to support one dome. Managers will be Jason Obarski and Andy Kaasa. Jason was a gym teacher at St Dominic’s for five years and is a St. Olaf grad.

Rick Estenson is one of Hector, Minnesota’s favorite sons. His dad was the high school principal, so Rick had little wiggle room. His wife, Kris, is also from Hector, but they became a couple well after high school.

Rick’s dream was to become a pro basketball player, but a run-in with Brett Reese resulted in a dream-shattering knee injury.

Rick has lived in Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, and Northfield. He and Kris have two children, Sam and Maria, both Northfield High School graduates.

Guests: Larry Collins (Prowe); Alyssa Pilger (Estenson)

Scholarship Enhancement:  Dave Wolf

Ground will be broken for the Musical Plaza/Playground on June 6th and be completed around the end of June. Barry Carlson said there will be a need for volunteers later in the month.

Jan Stevens thanked the club for a donation to the Vintage Band Festival and also said they are looking for volunteers to help with the VBF.

Scott Richardson led a successful ethics workshop this past year, and David Koenig, the new chair, is looking for help organizing the next one in the coming year.

Jean Wakely announced the Rotarian and spouse social on Friday, June 10, with beer, wine and food.

Erica Zweifel said the city Council approved a pollinator garden at Way Park and she also thanked the club for a donation.  She requested volunteers to help plant on Saturday, June 11, at 9 a.m.

Our 2016-17 outbound students are:

Sage Brinton, Argentina

McKenna Dale, Brazil

Caroline Hummel, Norway

Noah Klein, South Korea

Jane Ludwig, Colombia

Yizel Marcial, Germany

Daiki Nishioka, Taiwan

Liliana (Lily) Noble, Italy

Madison Peterson-Bradford,  Brazil

Emma Pritchard, Taiwan

Nathaniel Urke, Brazil.

Incoming students are:
Daniel Chien from Taiwan

Emma Nielsen from Denmark

Nico Suarez Toloza from Colombia

Gyung Hwan Yoon from South Korea
Wanzita Masenza from Tanzania

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on YouTube

Coming Up

June 23 — John Wegman, Mission: Building Homes for the Disabled (Reppmann)

June 30 — Al Zdrazil, Domestic Violence in the Workplace

July 7 — Ben Flannery, MD, and CC Linstroth, 1,2 3 Read With Me (Spethmann)

July 14 — Julie Eddy, Defeat of Jesse James Days Scholarship Program (Covey)

Quote of the Week:
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  

— Margaret Mead