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Rotary Cogwheel | 10.08.2015

October 6, 2015

Today: Marlene Gargulak, District Governor (Cogan)

Birthdays: Kyle Nordine (10/7) and Nate Heilman (10/10)

Next Week: Rotary” 90th Birthday Party Saturday, Oct. 17

Last Week:

Grief is the price we pay for membership in the human family. If we live, quite likely we will love, and because we have been touched by someone, we will experience loss.

Mike Leming taught Sociology at St. Olaf College for 40 years. He has written 29 books, most of them on death and dying. He says grieving is a lot of work.

People often talk about the stages of grief, as if it is a linear process, but Mike says, in reality, it is a scrambled affair, an exhausting scrambled affair. There are marking points, however: accepting the reality of your loss, allowing yourself to experience the pain of the loss, adjusting to an environment with the deceased missing and then allowing yourself to invest in other relationships.

Losses he characterizes as “difficult deaths” include deaths from natural disasters, accidents, suicide and homicide. The abruptness and the often random nature of these deaths present their own challenges.

Mike said people need social support when they are grieving.
And we need to do better by those with unrecognized losses, such as miscarriages and abortions.


I wouldn’t want to be standing next to Jim Holden in a lightning storm. He’s had too many close calls, seven to be precise. They include childhood illnesses, near drownings, a heart attack and a car accident. But he still walks among us and is an active Rotary member. 

Jim worked in education for 41 years, 29 years as a high school instructor, 21 of them in Northfield, and as a teacher educator at Gustavus and St. Olaf.

He and his wife, Caroline, have two children, Chris and Heather, who are both involved in education in the Twin Cities. Heather has five children; Chris has three.

Car Raffle: Our own Wendy Sivanich, more precisely her daughter, Maggie, won the Ford Escort September 26 from the Rotary Car Raffle. Wendy said they have decided to sell the car and put most of the money towards Maggie’s future college expenses. Gerry Gengenbach won the $1,000 Econofood gift card and Jim Gargulak, husband of today’s speaker, District Governor Marlene Gargulak, won the $500 Kwik Trip gas card.

President Halverson said the unofficial net from the fundraiser is $10,000.

Guests: Karen Allawala (Bierman), Margie Conway (Conway) and our exchange students, Nicole, Jose and Carson.

Scholarship Enhancement: Steve Underdahl


Rotary hosted a Rotary Friendship Exchange Group from Brazil earlier this week. They toured Northfield and the surrounding area and visited the Faribault Rotary Club Wednesday before departing for Waseca.

Prior Lake’s Rotary Club contributed $2,000 to Rotary’s Outdoor Musical Plaza. Barry Carlson attended their morning meeting last week to receive the check.

The guest tickets we received last week are designed to raise our profile in the community and recruit new members. Each Rotarian is invited to bring a guest at club expense to introduce them to our club and its work.

Please respond to your online Punchbowl evite to the 90th birthday party at Estenson’s Saturday, Oct. 17. Jean Wakely said there will a program, visitors from other clubs and a group photo. We need to know your intentions for planning purposes.

David Brown made a pitch for supporting the Paul Harris Foundation. He suggests tacking a contribution on to your quarterly dues. The hope is that every Rotarian will give a $100 every year.

The 14th annual Rotary Foundation Celebration will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7, in St. Paul. For those interested in purchasing tickets, see Chris Weber, President Russ, or Dave Brown.

Here is a list of this year’s outbound students. Some have already departed.

  • Beimers, Henry – Norway
  • Beimers, William – Brazil
  • Carlson, Samuel -Argentina
  • Estrada, Gabriella – France
  • Hahn, Erin – Thailand
  • Hodel, Christoph – Indonesia
  • Kelley, Caitlin – Chile
  • Lunderby, Jack – Brazil
  • Mandsager, Erik – Zimbabwe
  • Martinez, Odalys – Japan
  • Muir, Mason – Taiwan
  • Olson, Josiah – Colombia
  • Regnier, Eli – Brazil
  • Rodriguez-Vazquez, Leslie – Brazil
  • Scheffert, Jenna – Italy
  • Seitz, Zoe – Denmark
  • Washburn Chapman, Ahna Cole – South Africa
  • Woitalla, Jessica – Brazil.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on YouTube

Coming Up

October 22 — Linda Hibbard, Epic Enterprises, (Kaczmarek)

October 29 — Annie Young, Speaking of Winning (Lorang)

November 5 — Patrick Mader, Minnesota’s World-Class Athletes

November 12 — Nate Heilman, Classification