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Rotary Cogwheel | 09.17.2015

September 21, 2015

Today: Chris Kennelly, Classification (Reese)

Birthdays: Chris Weber (9/15)

Next Week: Jan Hanson, Classification (Weber)

Last Week:

There was an air of anticipation and excitement as we shared our pre-bike tour meal with two dozen community volunteers.

Before breaking into our work groups to get final instructions for the tour, Chris Heinemann, chair of the Bike Tour Committee, said increasingly our bike tour has become a distance event.

Around 65 percent of our riders are signing up for the 60-mile or 100-mile routes. Pre- registrations were on par with other years. The rest is history.

Here is a list of this year’s outbound students. Some have already departed.

  • Beimers, Henry – Norway
  • Beimers, William – Brazil
  • Carlson, Samuel -Argentina
  • Estrada, Gabriella – France
  • Hahn, Erin – Thailand
  • Hodel, Christoph – Indonesia
  • Kelley, Caitlin – Chile
  • Lunderby, Jack – Brazil
  • Mandsager, Erik – Zimbabwe
  • Martinez, Odalys – Japan
  • Muir, Mason – Taiwan
  • Olson, Josiah – Colombia
  • Regnier, Eli – Brazil
  • Rodriguez-Vazquez, Leslie – Brazil
  • Scheffert, Jenna – Italy
  • Seitz, Zoe – Denmark
  • Washburn Chapman, Ahna Cole – South Africa
  • Woitalla, Jessica – Brazil.

Guests: Colleen Ristad and Henry Leidel (V. Dilley) and two dozen community volunteers.

Scholarship Enhancement: No winners, no losers


  • The Ford Focus, our raffle car, will be available at various venues around town in the coming weeks, a high school soccer game, high school football games and the steam engine show in Dundas. It is a great opportunity to sell tickets and fun to work in teams.

  • Rotary will be working a Habitat for Humanity site in Dundas Thursday, Sept. 24, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. See Jake Conway if you can help.
  • Northfield Rotary Club will celebrate its 90th year with a birthday party at the Estenson Event Center Saturday, Oct. 17. We are inviting the Janesville, Waseca and Faribault clubs to help us celebrate.
  • Things are falling into place for the Ethics Workshop in November. We have a date (Thursday, Nov. 12), we have a venue (Community Resource Bank), and we have a team organizing the event. We will continue working with the school to select the students for the all-day workshop. We will need a few Rotarians to participate in the afternoon exercise and facilitate the conversation around a case study students will be working on. If you are interested, see Judy Brown-Wescott.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on YouTube

Coming Up

October 1 — Mike Leming, Bereavement Process (Holden)

October 8 — Marlene Gargulak, District Governor (Cogan)

October 15 — Rotary’s 90th Birthday Party, Estensons

October 22 — TBA