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Rotary Cogwheel | 01.15.2015

January 14, 2015

Today: Ramiz Allawala, Wellstone Training (Taylor)

Birthdays: Lynne Pederson (1/11), Erica Zweifel (1/14), Rick Esse (1/16), and Mark Abbott (1/17).

Next Week: Liz Blanchard, Northfield Women’s Center (Amerman)

Last Week:

Libby McKenna’s spent last summer working with a non-governmental agency in Nepal. It was a homecoming of sorts. The Carleton College senior was born there.

Libby was adopted at nine months by a couple of Carleton College alums and raised in New Mexico. Nepal has always had a hold on her. She studied there in 2013 and went back last summer to work with the Community Development and Relief Agency of Nepal (CDRA).

CDRA is working on a number of sustainability initiatives for this economically challenged region. Agriculture, education and health have been the focus of their efforts,and they have had success. They have introduced greenhouses to increase vegetable production, worked on irrigation for coffee crops, improved schools and brought more health care to the region

Libby said the immediate need is the refurbishment of 15 water pumps stolen by the Maoists during the recent civil war. Each one serves 1,500 people and would help increase the production of rice, coffee and vegetables. The cost is $10,000.

For more information on CDRA, go to or


When we last left John Sinning, he was in vocational transition. Last week, he announced he is involved with a new non-profit that will provide service dogs to veterans and people with disabilities. He is calling it Canine Service Partners.

John said a talk last fall by Sam Daly about his experience training dogs for bomb-sniffing work in Afghanistan piqued his interest. It has now fallen into place.

John has lived in Northfield for 13 years. He is married with two grown children. His daughter works in Minneapolis. His son, a junior at Bradley University in Peoria, Ill., is in Rome this winter on an exchange program.

Guests: Jayne Hager Dee (Prowe), Meredith and Juergen Schroeer (Yogi)

 Scholarship Enhancement: Dennis Hanson

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Our youth exchange program was featured in the recent issue of “Rotarian.” If you have your copy yet, please bring it in so we can use it for program promotion.

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The board is looking for someone to fill the board position of Club Service Director. Michelle Lasswell is vacating it to assume the responsibilities of President-Elect. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone for the position, see President Rich.

Coming Up:

Jan. 29 — Lydia shares her youth exchange experience.

Feb. 5 — Sten Johanson, Delfi to Denmark (Willgohs)

Feb. 12 — Mary Jo Christofaro and Erica Zweifel, Northfield Solar Project (Zweifel)