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Rotary Coghwheel | 01.08.2015

January 7, 2015

Today: Libby McKenna, Water Pumps for Agriculture in Southern Nepal (Sinning)

Birthdays: Curtis Tiano (1/6), Teresa Tillson and Elvis (1/8)

Next Week: Ramiz Allawala, Wellstone Training (Taylor)

Last Week:

Rice County Dispute Resolution Program (RCDRP) provides an alternative to litigation. It is less expensive and less acrimonious.

Now in its 14th year, this independent, non-profit annually handles 85 to 100 cases referred from conciliation court and another40 community mediations. Debra Peterson, its executive director, says the program works. In the vast majority of cases, parties reach resolution and the agreements stick.

She does all of this on a shoe string budget and with a cadre of dedicated volunteers. The key she says is helping parties set their sense of violation aside and reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Often it’s the disputing parties themselves who come up with the most creative ways to settle.

Referrals come from all areas of the community. Fees for individuals are $100 per party. There is a sliding scale for low and moderate income people. Business rates depend upon the type of dispute. Debra said issues she often sees involving businesses include discrimination cases, disputes over time off, medical time off or pay.

RCDRP is always looking for financial support, but publicity is important too. Debra is available to speak to groups and would appreciate all of us “liking” their new Facebook page.

New Member: Rachel Estrella, a Northfield resident who practices law in Lakeville, is our newest member. She said Rotary is a great way to make community connections. Rachel is a graduate of Carleton College.

Guests: Gina and Ed Little, Salvation Army, (Conway)

Scholarship Enhancement: John Sinning


— Maria and company received a standing ovation for the great food they prepare for us each week.

Rotary is responsible Meals-On-Wheels delivery the first two full weeks of January. Check with Lynne Pederson to see if we have filled all of our slots.

— If anyone is interested in learning more about Rotary, including those who plan to join the board in the future, please note that the district 5960 Leadership Academy/Midterm and PETS1 (Presidents Elect Training Seminar) will be Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 30 and 31 in Roseville. Several members of our club will be attending. See President Rich if you would like to attend. 

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on Youtube: NorthfieldRotaryClubVideos

Youth Exchange and Reflections December 29, 2014

Coming Up:

Jan. 22 — Liz Blanchard, Northfield Women’s Center (Amerman)

Jan. 29 — Lydia shares her youth exchange experience.