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Rotary Cogwheel | 11.20.2014

November 18, 2014

Today: Stacey Zell, Northfield Hospital Sleep Center (Schlichting)

Birthdays: Carl Caskey (11/14), Matthew Rich and Jim Prichard (11/17), Teresa Jensen (11/19), and Adam Elling (11/20)


Last Week:
 Speaking of trivia, did you know there are four species of Invasive Carp, but only one of them jumps?

That’s right. Nick Frohnaur of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Water Resources, said Grass Carp, Bighead Carp, Black Carp and Silver Carp are all considered invasive species. It is the Silver Carp that has gained notoriety through YouTube videos, popping spasmodically out of the water and sometimes assaulting recreational boaters. These carp can weigh up to 60 pounds, and they pack a wallop. Nick said some have been known to break jaws and knock boaters silly.

These carp are large, plankton-feeding fish, first introduced to the southern United States in the 1970s to clean up the region’s aquaculture. They have done their job, but some have escaped and made their way north. The Illinois River is now home to the world’s largest Silver Carp population, and they are making their way up the Mississippi River. While no breeding populations have been detected in Minnesota waters, individual fish have been caught near the Twin Cities and in the St. Croix River.

Nick is the coordinator of the campaign to keep these fish out of Minnesota waterways. They’ve had an action plan in place since 2011 that focuses on early detection, prevention, mitigation and control and outreach and communication.

The carp’s impact on the economy is unknown as yet, but the risks, beyond the nuisance factor, are being assessed. Nick said there is concern thant the Minnesota River is a favorable habitat for Silver Carp.

In June of next year, some of the lock and dams will be closed to create a barrier for the fish. The State Legislature is also considering an allocation for construction of a fish barrier for the Coon Rapids dam. These measures are designed to buy time until more permanent solutions are found.

Nick said vigilance by boaters and anglers is always an issue. They can aid the carp invasion if they are not careful about cleaning boats and equipment and don’t use best practices with disposal of live bait.


Alan Anderson was born and raised in Owatonna. He graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College and went on to get a Wildlife Science degree from Oregon State University. After a stint running a small family business, he embarked on a 35-year career as an administrator with the Boy Scouts of America. He retired 18 months ago.

He and his wife have been Northfield residents for 11 years. They have a daughter who lives in Lutsen, a son who lives in Apple Valley, and three granddaughters.

Guests: Lydia, Giulia, Marcelo and Philipy (Rich), Paul Krause, our newest member, (Sinning), Mark Moelke (Yogi) Charlie Duarte (Halverson) and Wade Thommen (Holden).

Scholarship Enhancement: Philipy, who will no doubt invest in a fleece-lined sweatshirt.

First Job: Jacob Conway did everything but play the leading man in his first job at a Cottage Grove movie theater. He was a jack of all trades, running the concession stand, selling tickets and cleaning up the theaters for $7.25 an hour. He says he might still be there if the theater hadn’t tanked.


— Rob Bierman said our online “early bird” registration for the Turkey Trot is up to 500 runners. All systems are go. If you are going to be in town that morning and not running the race, you are invited to sign up to be a registrar or a course monitor.

— Community Resource Bank is hosting an American Red Cross blood drive Wednesday, Nov. 26, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. To register go to or call 507-645-4441.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on Youtube: NorthfieldRotaryClubVideos

Coming Up:

Dec. 4 — District Governor DG Karel (Cogan)
Dec. 11 — President Matthew Rich
Dec. 18 — Kevin Born and Naomi Mortenson, Environmental Tillage Systems (Lorang)
Dec. 25 — High Holiday Hiatus