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Rotary Cogwheel | 09.18.2014

September 17, 2014

Today:Jesse Streitz and His Cross Country Bike Tour (Williams)

Birthdays: Chris Weber (9/15)

Next Week: Matt Hillmann, Transformational Technology in Northfield Schools, (Lawlor)

Last Week:

Susan Tarkowski, Vice President of Students and Academic Affairs at South Central College, said partnerships are essential to preparing students for the 21st century world of work.

Higher education needs to be relevant, affordable and tailored to the needs of the students, she said. And that requires collaboration with public education, business and industry.

“Those kinds of relationships are more and more critical to the things that we do,” she said.

Susan is new to South Central as of last February, but not new to higher education. She’s spent 35 years in higher ed, the last 17 in administration.

She said educators see a growing need to prepare students for “gold collar” jobs. The worker of the future will need to integrate head and hands to do their work. They will need to be good communicators, critical thinkers and problem-solvers. They will need to have cross-functional knowledge of the workplace.

South Central has worked hard to smooth students’ transition from high school to college. Sue said the faculty has redesigned remedial courses to better align with high school achievement standards.

She also noted the important role played by college advisory committees. This is where schools learn what students need to succeed in the workplace, she said.


Chris Richardson By the Numbers:

Age – 66; Years in Education – 45; Years as Superintendent – 35; Years in Northfield – 10; Children – 2; Wife, 1, Joyce. He said Northfield is a great community with a great school system. He feels privileged to be able to work with the faculty and staff at Northfield Public Schools.

Paul Harris Recognition:

Jim Pokorney was recognized for his three Paul Harris Fellowships. David Brown did the honors.

LastWeek’s Guests:  Karen Allawala (Taylor); Shari Holman and Phillipe (former exchange student) V. Dilly; and our new exchange students: Marcelo (Brazil), Philipy (Peru), Giulia (Italy) and Lydia (Feroe Islands).

Scholarship Enhancement: Keith “The Mayor” Covey


Chris Heineman, chair of the Defeat of Jesse James Bike Tour, pronounced the event a success. With 1,011 riders, the event grossed $47,000. All expenses have all been submitted, but he predicts a good net for the weekend. He thanked the 50 Rotary members and the 100 other volunteers who helped with the event.

Jean Wakely has a number of lost items from the bike tour. She has jackets, shoes, gloves. Fortunately, no bikers. If anyone is missing something, check with Jean.

Kurt Larson said it is time to talk turkey. The Thanksgiving Turkey Trot is next on our agenda. Kurt is interested in expanding the circle of corporate donors. If your company or a company you work with is a potential donor, see him.

President-elect Russ Halverson invited members to check their information on the web site member directory. If changes are necessary, you can correct them online.

Brad Frago, our Youth Protection Officer, reminds members to consider becoming a “certified volunteer.” Club members and others who participate in Rotary youth activities and have significant interaction with youth must be certified. Only 21 club members are currently certified. It is an easy online process. Here is the link:

Our Rotary Club will be supplying volunteers for Thursday’s Table November 13. If you can help, see Jacob Conway.

If you have ideas for upcoming weekly programs please let Candy Taylor or Alan Anderson know.  We have many openings for future programs.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on Youtube: NorthfieldRotaryVideos

Coming Up:
Oct. 2 — Tom Bisell, Trials of a Bike Shop owner (TBD)
Oct. 9 — Inbound Exchange Student (V. Dilley)
Oct. 16 — Ramiz Allawala, Wellstone Leadership Training (Taylor)