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Rotary Cogwheel | 09.11.2014

September 10, 2014

Today: Dr. Susan Tarnowski, Vice President of Students and Academic Affairs, South Central College (C. Richardson)

Birthdays: Therese Whitesong (9/9)

Next Week: Jesse Streitz and His Cross Country Bike Tour (Williams)

Last Week:

We had a bike tour. More to come.

Bob Will honored
Bob Will’s life-long commitment to community service was recognized last week during Defeat of Jesse James Days. The committee honored him with the Joseph Lee Heywood Distinguished Service Award.

Scott Richardson, among others, paid tribute to Bob at the banquet Sept. 3. Here are excerpts of his remarks.

“What can I say about Bob Will that he hasn’t already told us? I mean the man has a true gift for gab.

“Every time he would get up at Rotary to invite our support for the Paul Harris Foundation, we knew we could settle in for a somewhat elliptical rhetorical excursion reminding us of the benefits — both personal and humanitarian — of supporting  Rotary’s work across the globe. We came to know these periodic reminders as the Bob Will Parables. There was always a method to his madness and always a moral to the story or a nugget of wisdom to be mined….”

“Bob comes by the philanthropic impulse honestly. He watched his parents invest their time and energy in improving the small Wisconsin town where Bob was raised.

And he does it not out of duty, but out of his own reservoir of goodwill and generosity. He calls it Happy Duty and he does it with a nod of the head, a sly smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He is a disarming, but effective community leader.”

Last Week’s Guests:  Many, many bike tour volunteers. Thank you one and all for helping make this event happen.

Scholarship Enhancement: We were so wound up about the bike tour that we ran right by this. Maybe it’s double or nothing today.

First Job:

Chris Richardson detailed cars for $2 an hour and turned heads driving a pink Caddie convertible through the Iowa countryside.


Dana Norvold, a member of the order, is celebrating the birth of a baby boy.

Bob Coonley, a past member of the club, died August 21. He was 89.
Bob made a career of advertising, marketing and public relations. He worked for Omar Bakeries, Archer Daniel Midland, E.F. Johnson Co., and Northwestern Bell Telephone. He and his wife, Phyllis, raised their three children in Hopkins. In retirement, they split their time between Pelican Lake, and Cathedral City, California, before relocating to Northfield.

Our Rotary Club will be supplying volunteers for Thursday’s Table, tonight and November 13. If you can help, see Jacob Conway.

Tuesday evening, the Board of Directors heard presentations from six local community groups that are seeking financial support from the club. The board will make a recommendation today. The groups are: Save the Depot, Skate Board Coalition, Northfield Public Library, musical playground, bike trails and Habitat for Humanity.

If you have ideas for upcoming weekly programs please let Candy Taylor or Alan Anderson know.  We have many openings for future programs.

Past Northfield Rotary Club meeting videos on Youtube: NorthfieldRotaryVideos

Coming Up:
Sept. 25 – Matt Hillmann Transformational Technology in Northfield Schools (Lawlor)
Oct. 2 — Tom Bisell, Trials of a Bike Shop owner (TBD)
Oct. 9 — Stacey Zell, Northfield Hospital Sleep Center (Schlichting)