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Rotary Cogwheel| 05.29.2014

May 28, 2014

Today: Dayna Norvold, Habitat for Humanity (Hall)
Birthdays: Joe Hargis (5/29) and Lucas (5/30)

Next Week: Lara Palmquist, Global Grant Scholar (Weber)
Last Week:

Travel and service were themes that echoed throughout John Sinning’s childhood household. His family of six took an annual road trip in a handsome station wagon Roadster and visited most of the lower 48 states over a 15-year period.

His parents were always involved in one civic project or another. His father, an orthopedic surgeon, served on the Davenport, Iowa school board for 12 years, and his mother was always volunteering at church and beyond. They also hosted exchange students who came to study at a local chiropractic college.

A family cabin in Spooner, Wis. and an inspiring scouting experience — John made Eagle Scout at 14 — instilled in John an appreciation for the outdoors.

John joined the United States Army out of high school. He was stationed in Boulder, Colorado, and was able to explore more of the United State during that time.

After the army, there was more adventure, and then he came to Minnesota for a transformational stay at Hazelden. Over the next few years, he attended the University of Minnesota, married and embarked on another adventure — family formation.

John worked for U.S. Bank for 12 years, 10 years with what was then West Publishing and since 2007 has been the controller for Field Solutions, a company that provides field technicians to the electronics industry.

He moved with his family to Northfield in 2001. Their 40 acres has been a hobby farm in the truest sense of the term. They have a menagerie of animals they raise, and John has indulged himself with construction of a dream tree house. He still enjoys travel, trips to the Boundary Waters and captures it all with his camera.


Rick Estenson said he is a changed man, and Rotary is the reason. It was 1999 when Brett Reese invited Rick to join the club. He remembers listening to Jessica Marzloff make a presentation about her outbound year in Argentina. He was inspired and hooked. He and Kris hosted an exchange student from Denmark, with whom they are still in close contact. Rick became a country officer, he took an active leadership role in the club, and he traveled to Africa to help with polio vaccination. His own two children were exchange students, one to Japan and one to Argentina.

He said he gathers inspiration from the kids involved in the exchange programs and he now knows there is a lot to Rotary.

Thank you

Sudip Bhandari, a St. Olaf College senior from Nepal who won the district’s Global Grant scholarship, thanked Rotary for the opportunity he has been given. He will be pursuing graduate studies in conflict resolution at the University of Amsterdam. He said this should be considered an investment in his future, his country and his future involvement in Rotary. He thanked Chris Weber for his guidance and support during the application process and a number of other club members who helped him along the way. Sudip was scheduled to deliver the commencement address last Sunday at St. Olaf College.

Last Week’s Guests: Sudip Bhandari and his parents (Weber); and our youth exchange students.

Scholarship Enhancement:Virginia Kaczmarek. Game, set, MATCH! 


Northfield Rotary has committed $25,000 to the Y capital campaign to be used to raise an additional $50,000 from the community by the end of June. For its donation, Rotary will have the welcome terrace at the New Y named for it, and there will be a plaque acknowledging the club contribution and the names of all Rotarians who contribute financially. The donation will raise our visibility with young families, President Prichard said, and it aligns with our credo of building goodwill and better friendships. New pledges from club members will be counted towards the community match. Your pledge can be made over five years, but the pledge must be made by June 30.

Dale Ness reported that $10,000 has been raised from sponsorships for the Defeat of Jesse James Bike Tour. When we last left him, he was looking for another $1,000 to meet the committee’s goal. Stay tuned.

Coming Up
June 12 — Beth Gilligan, former exchange student (Benson)

June 19 — TBA

June 26 — Vicki Langer, classification (Williams)

July 3 —  No meeting. Enjoy The Fourth

July 10 — Bill Nelson, Nelson Dairy Consultants (Madigan)