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Rotary Cogwheel | 05.01.2014

May 1, 2014

Today: INVITE A GUEST DAY. David Phillips, Cincinnati Works, (Blaha)

Birthdays: Rick Estenson (5/4)

Next Week: Kari Berit, The Unexpected Caregiver (Pederson)

Last Week:

Max Madoro is bent on rescuing the next generation of Tanzanians. He is executive director of Zinduka Development Initiatives Forum, a nonprofit dedicated to making sure the children in and around his home village of Nyamuswa get an education.

In a country where the average annual income is $250 and one in six children die before age 5, finding the resources to provide education is a huge challenge. He has partnered with Project Zawadi, a 100 percent direct aid organization based in the United States, to make this happen. They help underwrite the school uniforms, shoes, textbooks and other supplies. They now have 500 students in different schools and have launched a vocational training center to provide training in carpentry, needlework, computer, welding and electrical work.

Zinduka is also creating a micro-lending program to help women in the village start small-scale businesses. By investing in the women, he expects to see a positive ripple effect throughout the community.

“To save a woman is to save the whole family,” he said.

Shannon Skally, a representative of Project Zawadi, also spoke to the club. She said they have plans to develop service tourism to the area. In 2015, they plan to take a group to Tanzania to see the schools up close and to tour the area. For more on that, go to:

Mini Classification:

Vicki and Lee Dilley were recently in Nicaragua visiting their daughter Riana, who is there on a Peace Corps assignment. Earthquakes limited their travel. They stayed in Riana’s village with limited running water, but very hospitable people. Riana teaches environmental education and promotes literacy.

Last Week’s Guests: Sandy Otto (Whitesong); Ryan Heinritz, Murray Hanson and Brett Jackson (Larson); and Cindy Carlson (B. Carlson)

Scholarship Enhancement: An enthusiastic Lucas


Tonight is the Bon Voyage social/dinner 5 p.m. at Laura Baker School. We will be hosting a farewell for the visiting Swedish GSE team and a send-off for our district’s GSE team, which will be visiting Sweden.

Betsy Spethmann is looking for volunteers for Saturday, May 3, to help move books, shoes and clothing Saturday bound for the Congo. Her project — Shoes and Books for the Congo — now has state department clearance and a district Rotary grant, so it is game time. She needs folks who can lift with their legs or drive a truck or van. Let her know if you are available.

The Faribault Rotary Club as a car raffle going for a 2014 Chevy Cruz. If you are interested in buying a chance on it, go to:

Coming Up

May 15 – No meeting
May 22 – John Sinning, Classification (Estenson)
May 29 – Dayna Norvold, Habitat for Humanity (Hall)
June 5 – Lara Palmquist, Global Grant Scholar (Weber)