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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.04.2014

March 4, 2014

Today: Charlie Stark, All Energy Solar, “Solar Energy Today.”

Birthdays: Kevin Rodgers (3/4) and Pat “Cadillac” O’Neill (3/5).

Next Week: Lucas Coelho, Exchange Student Presentation. (Lasswell and Frago)

Last Week:

Craig Hall would be a great candidate to grace the cover of any number of news stand magazines: Fly fishing for “Field and Stream,” ski-racing for “Sports Illustrated,” or a cute photo of him and his dog riding motorcycles for “Cycle World.”
Let’s just say Craig embraces the outdoors, and he gets around.

It’s been that way from the beginning. He grew up in Robbinsdale, hunting with this Dad and fishing with this grandpa. He played soccer, ski-raced and ran track in high school and continues to pursue those interests well into adulthood. He hikes. He camps and has set foot in all 50 states.

Craig was attending the University of Minnesota and on a path to become an industrial arts teacher, when he joined the Army Reserves and veered into a career in medicine. Through the reserves, he earned a nursing degree and ultimately became a nurse anesthetist.

He, his wife, Cheryl, and their two daughters moved to Northfield in 1998. He said they were looking to leave the Twin Cities for a small community with good schools for their kids. They have not been disappointed.

“It was a good decision on our part,” Craig said. “It’s been an amazing community in so many ways.”

Craig has been active in the community, coaching youth soccer and the high school ski-team. It was the exchange programs that drew him to Rotary. Both of his daughters were outbound exchange students. He saw first-hand how transformative that experience can be. The Hall family has also served a host family for an inbound student.

Craig’s had some personal and professional setbacks. But he is now on a new path. He does property maintenance, mostly residential, but some commercial, under the handle of Cannon River Property Management.


Vicki Dilley somehow turned a mini-classification into a “story treatment” for “Murder She Wrote.” She shared a vignette from her Peace Corps days about her quest to book passage on an airplane to join Lee on the island of Tuvalu. After several weeks of waiting for someone to cancel and free up a seat for her, she chartered her own aircraft, filled the seats and returned to a hero’s welcome. The takeaway, Vicki said, is she is not patient when passionate. So noted.

Last Week’s Guests: Cheryl Hall (Hall) and Raphaela Cogan (Cogan)

Scholarship Enhancement: Robert Will, who will undoubtedly invest in something safe, like a T-bill, or hide it in an old sock.


Volunteers are needed to help with Beyond Words to be held at Sibley Elementary School on Thursday, April 3, from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm.  The Beyond Words event is a celebration of art and literacy.  All Sibley students will have work displayed. Volunteers are needed to help guide student projects.  In addition to all the displays and activities, attendees may purchase a pasta dinner and bid on silent auction gift baskets.  Please contact Chris Weber if you can volunteer.

We will be hosting a Group Study Exchange (GSE) team from Sweden April 30-May 3. We will need host families and other support for this visit. If you can help, contact Lee Dilley.

Erin Mayberry is looking for volunteers who would be willing to share something about their vocation with the Summer Plus K-8th grade program some time this summer. Talk to her if you are interested.

Coming Up

Mar. 20 – Robert Jacobel, Professor of Physics and Climate Scientist, “Climate Change Research in Polar Regions” (Anderson)