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Rotary Cogwheel | 11.07.2013

November 5, 2013

This Week: Northfield YMCA (Kaczmarek)

Birthdays: Steve Wilmot (11/3), Sue Boxrud (11/5) and Dave Brown (11/6)

Next Week: District Governor Gary Campbell (Bierman)

Last Week:
These classifications are helpful. I was never clear if it was Edward Jones who worked for Jon Snodgrass or Jon Snodgrass who worked for Edward Jones. Well, now we know.

This might just be me — mild-mannered Cogwheel editor — but I think Jon is kind of a sleeper. He doesn’t lead with a lot of “sis-boom-bah,”  but if his classification can be believed, beneath that cool, collected exterior is a man of action, rafting down the Colorado River, hurtling across the globe to Brazil, Italy and who knows where else, downhill skiing, sailing. Yikes. I was exhausted watching his presentation.

He got a good start in Marshall, Minn. He and his two brothers grew up in a home with supportive, involved parents. His mother coordinated a peer counseling program for Marshall Public Schools. His father was an Edward Jones associate and, at one time, a member of the Marshall School Board.

Jon is an affiliator. He forms close friendships where ever he lands. He has close friends from high school, St. Thomas and colleagues who worked summers during his college years for Southwestern Books. That experience found him living with host families in various parts of the country and learning how to handle rejection on the job.

Jon has been with Edward Jones for 10 years, eight of them in Northfield. Besides Rotary, he belongs to the Northfield Lions Club and is a past board member of the Northfield Historical Society. He is not yet married, but he has been seen consorting with a rabid Nebraska Cornhusker fan named Stephanie.

An Abbreviated Mini-Classification:

Matthew Rich: Raised near Boston, Mass; Gustavus Adolphus College; William Mitchell Law School; Ludescher & Grundhoefer since 2008; Lives in Dundas with wife,  Leah, who works at Neuger Communications; three children ages 5, 3 and two months.

Guests: Our exchange students, Yoshino, Gunho, Rodolfo and Lucas (Prichard);Corey Butler, Jr. and Dana Graham (Esse); Stina Bartels, Dr. Klaus Lemki-Paetznick and Dr. Marioin Spickenbom (Yogi)

Scholarship Enhancement: Dave Brown

— Richard Maus shared an article from the Scientific American about concerns of a resurgence of  polio in Europe. New cases in Syria and the discovery of the virus in Israel, although no polio cases have as yet been recorded, have public health officials worried. The article underscores the need for continued immunization programs.

— President Prichard encouraged members to fill out the survey on our meeting venue. It was e-mailed to members recently. If you did not see it or prefer to register your opinion on hard copy, see him after today’s meeting

— There will be a new member orientation Monday, Nov. 11, noon to 1:30 p.m. at First National Bank South. Lunch will be provided. We haven’t had this session for a couple of years, so if you’ve joined the club in the last three years, consider attending. For more information, see Matthew Rich

— Kurt Larson reported that we already have 29 business sponsors for this year’s Turkey Trot. Twenty-one of them are renewals from last year. He reminded us that this is our second largest annual fundraiser. If you can help make a sponsorship contact before Nov. 14, let him know. We are also starting to register runners. Rob Bierman is coordinating race operations and invites you to sign up for Thanksgiving Day support. The clipboard will be circulating today.

— Community Resource Bank’s Junior Board is hosting an American Red Cross Blood Drive Saturday, Nov. 9, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the bank. All are invited to make a deposit. You can make an appointment online at The sponsor code is Community Resource Bank.

Coming Up:

Nov. 21 – Rep. David Bly and Sen. Kevin Dahl, Legislative Update

Nov. 28 – Turkey Trot

Dec. 5 – Mark and Sara Hewitt, Farming Today