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Rotary Cogwheel | 09.19.2013

September 19, 2013

Today: Marnie Thompson, The TORCH Program (Spethman)

Birthdays: Ryan Blumhoefer (9.21)

Next Week: Rotary Club Committee Chairs (President Prichard)

Last Week: Four new exchange students introduced themselves to the club. They are Yoshino Tokigawa from Japan, Gunho Park from South Korea, Rodolfo Ramirez from Chile, and Lucas Coelho from Brasil. World tensions are making it difficult for Bekzhan Sarsheeva of Kyrgyzstan, a prospective fifth inbound student, to get a visa for travel here. His status is uncertain.

The students who have arrived were excited to be here. Northfield is a considerably smaller setting than what they have experienced back home. Yoshina lives in Hiroshima, a city of 1.2 million. Gunho comes from Seoul, Korea, a city of more than 10 million. All are looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing a new culture. They are eager to travel and see sites unique to the United States.

Some of their first impressions include: people are very friendly and welcoming here. And everyone has a yard. Food they like includes gyros at the State Fair, caramel rolls, peanut butter and ice cream with peanut butter.

Thanks to our counselors, Blake Abdella (Yoshina), Judy Brown-Wescott (Gun Ho), Brad Frago and Michelle Lasswell (Lucas) and Pat O’Neill (Rodolfo), who will support and guide the inbounds during their time here in Northfield.

A youth exchange video reminded us that the program is a two-way street. The inbound students benefit from the cultural immersion here in the United States. The club and the high school community also benefit. Each student brings something unique that enriches the high school experience for all of our students.

Guests: Erik Nelson, Steve Braker, Wendy Sivanich, Wendell Arneson, Julie and Wendy Thornton (V. Dilley), Nate Heilman (O’Neill).

Scholarship Enhancement: Our new exchange students benefited from a  procedural error.

Announcements: Virginia Kaczmarek reported that our sponsorship of the Defeat of Jesse James Days Central Park craft fair netted us $4,500.

John Fossum alerted us to the possibility that an Afghanistan acquaintance may be relocating with his family to Northfield. In that event, he may need help getting established.

Jean Wakely announced that 85 members of the club volunteered to make the bike tour happen.

Coming Up:
Oct. 3 — Daniel Sellers and Nick Banovertz of MinnCAN, the “Road to Success” bus tour.
Oct. 10 — TBA
Oct. 17 — Steve Underdahl, President and CEO of Northfield Hospital & Clinics (Kyte)
Oct. 24 — Jon Snodgrass, classification (Rich)
Oct. 31 — Theresa Tillson, classification (Nemo)