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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.28.2013

March 27, 2013

Today: Tom Hanson, Retired Foreign Service Officer (Flaten)

Birthdays: Earl Crow 3/24, Clarice Grabow 3/27, Yogi Reppmann 3/27.

Next Week: Christine Curtis: What’s New in Rice County Corrections (Rich)

Last Week: 

We now know that Taiwan has more to offer the world than just excellent electronics manufacturing and good movies from Ang Lee. Our exchange student Hsin-Yuan (Cindy) Wang showed us pictures that provided a taste of the natural beauty of her home country with its beautiful beaches, flowers, rock formations, lakes and mountains.

Cindy’s home is in Taitung on the southeastern coast of Taiwan. The capital city of Taipai on the northern tip of the country is about 200 miles away. The land area of Minnesota is six times that of Taiwan; however Taiwan’s population is six times that of Minnesota.  In the 1600’s Holland and Spain ruled parts of Taiwan. They were followed by the mainland Chinese who ruled for over 200 years until the Japanese took over in 1895, ruling until the end of World War II. Taiwan is still officially the Republic of China. Taiwan’s citizens are proud of their current democracy and the country enjoys very high voter turnout.

Cindy’s full name was carefully considered by her parents and has great meaning. Hsin means “new.” Yuan means “beginning” or “fortune.” And Wang means “king or leader.” Cindy has one brother, and her family has hosted exchange students.

Cindy bikes to and from school, which begins at 7 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m. She spends time each evening on homework. Students clean the school building and take tests on Saturday mornings. Cindy especially enjoys art and music. Upon returning home, she still has two years of high school before deciding what is next in her future.  We predict that she will do well in whatever she pursues.

Mini Classification:

Blake Abdella and his family have lived in Northfield for over 12 years. Blake is a small business consultant specializing in strategic planning. Blake’s wife, Beth, is Associate Professor of Bio-organic Chemistry at St. Olaf, the college of choice of Beth and Blake’s three sons, Brian, Michael and Scott. In addition to Rotary, Blake is very active in Habitat for Humanity, the Methodist Church and other community organizations.

Visiting Rotarians: Fred Bursch and his wife Terri from Alexandria, MN.

Guests: Sharon Sherman-Akre (Flaten), Cindy Wang’s host families and friends: Kari Nelson, Frank Meyer, Steve Meyer, Mary Lorang, Sam Lorang, Susan Sinning, Jake Sinning, Wes Braker, Maria Olson, Zoe Webb and exchange students: Diatou, Adnan, Mizuki and Rachel.

Scholarship Enhancement: Steve Meyer


The new slate of officers for the 2013 – 2014 year beginning in July were efficiently and unanimously elected.  Congratulations to all and thanks for your willingness to provide continuing excellent leadership to our Rotary Club!

  • President – Jim Prichard
  • President-Elect/Membership – Matthew Rich
  • Secretary – Erin Mayberry
  • Treasurer – David Wolf
  • International Service – Russ Halvorson
  • Club Service – Michelle Lasswell
  • Community Service – Judy Brown-Wescott
  • Vocational Service – Missi Arens
  • Communications/Public Relations – Kurt Larson
  • Information/Technology (CICO) – Matt Hillmann
  • Youth Protection Officer – Brad Frago
  • Immediate Past President – Jane Fenton

Coming Up:

April 11 — Bill Davnie, Retired Foreign Service Officer on Myanmar (Flaten)

April 18 — Paul Mooty: The Faribault Woolen Mill (Barnes)

April 25 — Adnan, Youth Exchange Presentation (Quinnell)