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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.14.2013

March 14, 2013

Today: Friends of Way Park: Matt Rohn and Sarah Carlsen (Holden)

Birthdays: James Herreid (3/10)

Next Week: Hsin-Yuan (Cindy) Wang — Her Life and Times (Blake Abdella)

Last Week:
When Hurricane Sandy hit land October 29, 2012, the alarms sounded in Minnesota.

The local chapter of the American Red Cross — Rice, LeSueur, Waseca — sent 10 volunteers to New York to aid in relief work and disaster recovery. Our own John Ehresmann was among them. He helped provide the communication infrastructure so critical to coordinating relief work.

Angela Storch, executive director of the Rice, Le Sueur, Waseca chapter, said this is a prime example of the seamless service Red Cross provides across the United States. Resources, including money raised within our geographic area, go wherever the need is. But in turn, money and services flow into our area if disaster strikes close to home.

When they arrived in New York, volunteers found a tangled mess. The wind, rain and flooding had obliterated neighborhoods. Streets were choked with sand. Power lines were down. Fires raged and many of the signature neighborhood landmarks had disappeared.

Nationally, 18,000 volunteers answered the call. They provided shelters for the homeless, food for the hungry, comfort kits and clothing. They not only had to take care of the displaced population, but legions of relief workers, too. In the past 128 days, 13 million meals have been served, and the need continues. Two shelters are being maintained for 1,000 people who are still homeless. Forty-five hundred personal cases remain open.

Angela said back here at home she needs volunteers, board members and cash donations. It will assure that “Red Cross will be there when you need it.”

Mini Classification:
John Erhresmann kept it short. He retired from his dental practice in July of 2011. After a couple of month of watching the weather channel, he decided he had a penchant for disaster, so he signed up to be an American Red Cross volunteer. He has since worked in Louisiana on Hurricane Issac, the Biblical Duluth flood and Hurricane Sandy.

Guests: Exchange students Adnan, Diatou, Rachel, Mizuki and Cindy. They are beginning to like winter.

Scholarship Enhancement: Bob Will, honorary chair of Northfield Historical Society’s upcoming annual meeting.

— This just in: Ryan and Emily Blumhoefer had a baby, Lauren Mae, at Northfield Hospital’s First Touch Birth Center over the weekend. Congratulations to them.
— Todd Thompson has arrived in Guatemala intact. He made the trip overland by car. We shan’t see him for several months.
— Jean Wakely made a community presentation last weekend of her mother’s storied story quilts.
— We need your feedback on venue for meetings (talk to board members) and program interests (fill out hard copy or online surveys).
— March is Literacy Awareness Month. No better way to help Accelerate Northfield close the achievement gap right here at home than to volunteer to listen to kids read.

Coming Up:
March 28 — Megan Tsui: Northfield Enterprise Center (Estenson)
April 4 — Christine Curtis: What’s New in Rice County Corrections (Rich)

April 11 — TBA

April 18 — Paul Moody: The Faribault Woolen Mill (Barnes)
April 25 — Adnan, Youth Exchange Presentation (Quinnell)