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Rotary Cogwheel | 02.07.2013

February 7, 2013

Today: Linda Christian: Polio (Maus)

Birthdays: Jean Wakely (2/3), Robert Craig and Ross Thompson (2/7)

Next Week: Lasswell & Frago: When Love Goes Sour, an Update on Family Law Trends.  Also youth exchange student Mizuki Oeda.

Last Week:

Karen Gervais, our friendly neighborhood ethicist, gave Rotary high marks for its foundational four-way test. She is the director of the Minnesota Center for Health Care Ethics, a Twin Cities, nonprofit formed in 1994 to address ethical issues in healthcare.

A Northfield resident and visiting professor of Philosophy at St. Olaf College, Karen said our four-way test closely mirrors the ethical framework her ethics center has developed to guide policy in times of disease pandemics or disasters. The three bedrock principles they use are: 1) What best serves the common good; 2) Is it fair; and 3) Are we being good stewards of scarce resources?

Over time, the center has addressed ethical issues inherent in managed care initiatives in health care. They have worked with the Minnesota Department of Health to outline ethical approaches to dispensing supplies and vaccine when pandemics or disasters strike and to engage the public in that discussion.

“Everything we do has to balance these ethical priorities,” she said.

For more information on her work, go to:

Mini Classification

Rich Lorang was born in Spokane, Wash., and grew up in Illinois, not far from President Jane. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point with a degree in wildlife management and forestry. Nineteen eighty-seven was a big year for Rich. He got married, started veterinary school, bought a house and started a family.  After graduating from veterinary school in 1992, he moved to Jordan, Minnesota, where he practiced large and small animal medicine for six years. In 1998, he moved to Webster, MN where he began practicing small animal medicine. In 2001 he opened Countryside Animal Hospital in Dundas.

He is married to one of our own, Virginia Lorang, and they have three grown children.

Guests: Marvin Kissmer (Yogi), Jack Huus (Flaten), Victoria Langer (Williams) Exchange students: Diatou, Cindy, Adnan, Mizuki and Rachel,

Scholarship Enhancement: Jake Conway


— The District’s Polio Committee recognized our club for its contribution to the Polio Plus Campaign. Our club raised more than $3,000 this past year, our district more than $500,000 and our zone (there are 11 Rotary zones world-wide) $5 million. Richard Maus and Charlie Cogan are co-chairs of the district’s Polio Committee. Polio cases, by the way, dropped from 600-plus in 2011 to 223 in 2012. Making progress.

— Russ Halverson, Matt Rich, Jim Prichard. Charlie Cogan and Vicki Dilley accompanied President Jane to the Mid-Year Rally.

— The authorities (our board) are still evaluating venues for our meetings. We are trying a new configuration to create more seating. President Jane said we are also considering a move to the United Methodist Church. Stay tuned.

— In service to our literary project, Chris Weber is looking for volunteers to help with a special literacy night at Sibley Elementary School on Thursday, April 4, 5 to 7:30 p.m. Nothing to prepare. Just show up and be charming.

Coming Up:

Feb. 14 –  Feb. 21 – Megan Tsui Classification (Estenson)