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Rotary Cogwheel | 01.17.2013

January 17, 2013

Today’s Program | Palestine Scholarship Program — Ruth Hanson and Jonathan Hill (Rogers)

Next Week: What’s New at The Key? (Fenton)

Birthdays: Rick Esse (1/16) and Mark Abbott (1/17).

Last Week:

Rachel Dawson provided us a post card tour of her home country of India.

From the majestic Himalayas in the north, to the mesmerizing deserts bordering Pakistan, the teeming Mumbai and the tourist destination of ocean-splashed Goa, it provides spectacular scenery and a dizzying cultural mosaic. Along with the Taj Mahal, she persuaded us to include in our itinerary the Red Fort, the Golden Temple, the Gajner Palace and a number of other historical monuments.

Rachel comes from Hyderabad, a city of 7.25 million people, in southern India. It’s called the City of Pearls because of its history as a center of trade for pearls and diamonds.  Many of its buildings reflect the medieval architecture of the 16th century when it was founded. Now it is known as a host for a number of high-tech startups.

Her father is an architect and her mother helps manage his private firm. The third of three, her older brother is also an architect. He and his wife also run a wedding photography service. Her sister is married and lives in Brisbane, Australia, where she works in graphic design.

Rachel is grateful for the Rotary Exchange experience. She said Rotary makes the world a smaller place. She has embraced her American experience here in Northfield. Her goal is to soak up as much experience as she can so she can take it back home. She is living the dream of a Northfield High School student; she has been selected for this year’s Rock ‘N Roll Revival. Her future plans include a career in dentistry.

Mini Classification:

In a true confessional, Jim Pokorney described himself as “a player.” Borrowing from Justin Stets’ presentation the week before, he said the thread in his life is that he likes to play. It was true when he was a kid galloping through the neighborhoods of Hibbing, Minnesota. It is still true with his work as a medical device engineer. He enjoys the competition, the process as much as the outcome.

Guests: Kristi Rasmussen (Rasmussen); Marvin Viksmer (Ophaug); Rachel’s posse: Elise Hanson, Amelia Wykes, Melissa Berthelsen, Melissa Ousley, Amelia Ousley, Parker Ousley, Maria Olson, Kelly and Mike Sherman; Sue Pokorney, Lonna Lysne; Valentine Okpala, his wife, Uzomaka, and daughters, Rita and Nina.

Scholarship Enhancement: Laurie Williams

Coming up:

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Feb. 7 — Linda Christian: Polio (Maus)
Feb. 14 — Laswell & Frago: When Love Goes Sour, an update on family law trends, Plus YE Student Mizuki presents
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