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Rotary Cogwheel | 01.03.2013

January 2, 2013

Today’s Program | Justin Stets, Transformational Philanthropy.

Next Week: Rachel Dawson, Youth Exchange Student

Birthdays: Ingrid Sampo (1/2), Fred Rogers (1/4), Ron Linde (1/5), Curtis Tiano (1/6).

Last Week:
Gary Carlson, MD, is a bit of a kill joy. Here we were salivating over the holiday menus to come, and he presents on the dangers of a sugar-loaded diet.

But he’s right. We all know that.

Gary practiced medicine inside the box for 15 years, but in 2005 he added alternative therapies to his conventional medical tool box to take a more rounded approach to treating patients at Allina Medical Clinic in Northfield. Before he dispenses medicine or recommends surgery, he searches for the core imbalance in the patient’s life and treats that. He includes things like sleep, spiritual practices and relationships in his diagnostic scan, and, of course, diet, exercise and stress reduction.

He believes insulin resistance is at the heart of most chronic medical conditions. A diet high in carbohydrates overwhelms the body’s ability to take sugar out of the bloodstream and that wreaks havoc on many of our metabolic systems.

He calls it a “pay me now or pay me later” proposition. The goal, he said, is to maintain as much of your vitality as possible until….you know, the inevitable.

“You want to be as healthy as you can be and then drop dead at the end,” he said.

Evidence of our self-destructive habits is right in front of us. One of every three adults in the United States is considered obese. One of every two adults has a chronic condition. And, he submits, researchers are predicting that at the rate we are going, children born in this decade will have a shorter life expectancy than previous generations.

Gary recommends a Mediterranean diet or the Paleo Diet to minimize the refined carbohydrates we ingest. We need lots of vegetables and fruits and lots of protein. We also need to reduce our stress. Long term stress floods the system with sugar, he said, and we need to maintain and nurture our supportive relationships.

There is some give in his recommended diets. Gary said he is not a perfectionist. Follow the 80-20 rule and you will feel better and live longer.

Sad Passing: Ed Fox, longtime Rotarian, died December 27 after a brief illness. He was 95 years old. He is survived by his wife of 73 years, Bobby, two children and many grandchildren. The family is planning a celebration of his life at a future date.. Memorials can be directed to Grinnell College, Dollars of Scholars or Northfield Hospice.

Food Shelf Auction: Colonel Jane Fenton wielded the gavel in service to the Northfield Food Shelf, auctioning off collector’s items, Girl Scout cookies, anything that wasn’t nailed down and raised more than $300.

Guests: Exchange students: Diatou, Cindy, Adnan, Mizuki and Rachel; Stephanie Amay (Kallestad) and Sue Pokorney (Pokorney).

Scholarship Enhancement: Don Robertson


— Rachel Dawson has landed a role in next spring’s Rock and Roll Revival.

— David Brown’s daughter, Rachel, an exchange student to Finland, was pictured in    the Finnish Rotary magazine.