“Key” leadership present to club

January 31, 2013

Friends from our local community flagship project, the Key, presented an excellent update on their organization at the January 24, 2013 club meeting. Youth Board members George Zucolotto and Cliff Martin thanked Rotary club members for our very important financial support.

Officially known as  the Northfield Union of Youth, the Key is celebrating 20 years of fulfilling their mission to ” to provide POWER and VOICE to area youth and create a caring community”.  The Key provides a place for kids to hang out in safety and comfort 365 days a year in a substance-free space that encourages the self-worth and dignity of every individual.

The Key is free for youth aged 12 to 20.  All events, projects, and programming of The Key are directed by the Youth Board.  Adult Director Rachel Woldum assumed her new responsibility last August taking over from the previous Director Amy Merritt.

Future goals of the youth at the Key are to continue empowering youth, to encourage more volunteering by youth, to assist with planning construction of the new skatepark and to improve the outdoor backyard at their new building at 109 Sixth St.  The Youth Board hopes to continue to partner with Rotary for future fundraisers and would like to expand the successful Main Street Mentor program.

Special thanks go to Rotary members Missi Arens and Nancy Amerman for their dedication and involvement in the Key.  Thanks also go to other club members who add their personal support to these fine young people.  President Jane ended the program by presenting a $2,000 payment to the Key from our club as part of our ongoing financial support for this fine organization.