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Rotary Cogwheel | 12.20.2012

December 18, 2012

Today’s Program | Gary Carlson, MD, Integrative Medicine (Barry Carlson)

Next Week: No meeting, but remember the social on Saturday, Dec. 29.

Birthdays: Blake Abdella and Vicki Dilley (12/21), Virginia Kaczmarek (12/22), Bill Carlson and Mary Schmelzer (12/23), Neil Lutsky (12/27) and Jacob Conway (12/28).

Last Week:

District Governor Joe Kovarik wants us to be unrepentant, unabashed Rotary promoters. He wants us to lean into our Lutheran sensibilities and become walking and talking billboards, delivering the organization’s elevator speech — we improve people’s lives locally and globally through service — whenever and wherever we can.

Worldwide, Rotary membership is growing, the District Governor said. But in the United States and in our district, we are losing ground. He noted that the Northfield club is at its peak with 136 members. But he challenged us to capitalize on our momentum. “It’s not how good you are,” he said, “but how good could you be.”

He suggested we work on inviting more people into the club and be more intentional about member retention. “Close the back door” on the sale, he said.

Money is important to the success of our clubs. It’s what “feeds and seeds” good ideas. He encouraged us to make our financial contributions a discipline, with each member contributing at least a $100 each year to the foundation. We’re familiar with the EREY principle, “Every Rotarian Every Year.” Joe wants us to live it.

We were the last of his 68 club visits during his term, which is winding down. Admittedly we were coached, but he was impressed with the number of members who were adorned with Rotary pins. But he wants us do to more than wear pins. Does anyone see bumper stickers in our future?

Ethical Moment: Queen Jane says there is no penalty for glancing at your children’s e-mail when it is left up on the screen. But if your habit is to be more intrusive and actively seek access, you best have that conversation ahead of time. Trust once broken is hard to repair, she said.

This week: What do you do when the Boss asks you to cover for her when she claims dinner for you on her expense account, and you were not there?

Guests: Rachel Woldum, Wendy Pietrsch and Matt Irwin (Fenton), Kathy Gordon (V. Dilley), Bill Kuhlmann (Ophaug) and our intrepid exchange students: Diatou, Cindy, Adnan and Mizuki.

Scholarship Enhancement: Duane Benson

John Bierman, Rob Bierman’s father, passed away last week at the age of 90. A bulletin was circulated for members to express their sympathy.

— John Ophaug recognized David Brown’s retirement from his job as a heavy equipment operator by presenting him with a book of paper airplanes. John suggested that the airways are safer now that David is no longer flying.

— The social on Saturday, Dec. 29, will be from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Northfield High School. The evening will include presentations on exchange experiences and good food.

— Mary Rossing, outgoing Northfield mayor, was given a standing ovation for her service over the last four years.

— Rotary has responsibility for Meals-On-Wheels January 6 through January 19. If you can help, look for the signup sheet today.

Coming up:

Dec. 29 — Rotary Social