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Rotary Cogwheel | 09.13.2012

September 19, 2012

Today: Committee Work. Breakout sessions with Committee Chairs

Birthdays: Matthew Detert (9/14) and Chris Weber (9/15)

Next Week: (Lutsky)

Last Week:

It was all Bike Tour all day. Robert Zayas, this year’s chair, kicked things off with a “thank you” to volunteers, committee members and sponsors of this year’s event. He explained that he was operating at the edge. He is teaching a cell biology and genetics course at St. Olaf College this semester and that started the same week as the bike tour. He said he only had to get through Saturday and life would look different to him.

He gave way to Jack Hoschourer, who chaired the event in 2007, 2008 and 2010. Jack reminded us that this is one of the largest bike tours in the Midwest. We have five scenic routes that accommodate bikers of all levels. People come from as far as New Jersey and Arizona to participate.

Guests: Merlin Paschall-Zimkel, George Zuccolatto, Drew Voegle and Rachel Woldum (Amerman), Rex Running (Running), Chris Heinneman (Rich), Frank Balster (Reiland) and a gaggle of generous bike tour volunteers, including: Erica Zweifel, Connie DeGrote, Clark Webster, Mary Auge, Pete Carlson, Nancy Hollings and many more.

Scholarship Enhancement: Richard Maus

Announcements: Good Neighbor Award Nominations: This award goes to a NON-Rotarian who has served the community in a notable way. Please contact Carl Caskey for nomination forms. The deadline for nominations is Sept. 20.

Coming Up:

Sept. 27 — Malt-O-Meal with Bob Johnson (Lawlor)

Oct. 4 — Tim Penny, Ethics in Grant making and what’s new with the SMIF

Oct. 11 — Meet the Inbounds Program (Vicki Dilley)





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