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Rotary Cogwheel | 5.24.2012

May 24, 2012

Today’s Program| Rob Bierman, Jane Fenton, Clarice Grabau – Reflections on the Rotary International Conference in Thailand (Clarice Grabau)

Birthdays: Robert Fleten (5/21) and Mathilde (5/24)

Next Week: Legislative Session summary  – Senator Al DeKruif and Representative Kelby Woodard  (Hoschouer)

Last Week:

St. Olaf College President David Anderson senses revolution in the air. Over the next decade, he predicts the world of private, liberal arts education will be seriously “disrupted” by innovative education models, such as the free, on-line courses offered by Harvard and MIT.

This will require St. Olaf to find forward-thinking strategies to remain relevant and provide a product people are willing to invest in, without compromising the college’s core mission. Already, St. Olaf is reaching across the river to explore collaborative services with Carleton. This will fall short of cooperative athletic programs, but there are active conversations about shared support services and even, in some cases, shared faculty.

Meanwhile, he is excited about the incoming class of 2016. It will number around 800 students, 55 percent female, 15 percent domestic minority and 47 percent from Minnesota.

President Anderson reported that the cranes have left the Manitou Heights skyline. There are no big building projects on the horizon. However, Hoyme Hall will be renovated this summer, part of a 10-year process to rejuvenate the college’s residential halls. Arne Flatten’s Art Barn is being reassembled near the wind turbine and will provide classroom space and serve as a learning center for the study of natural land.

And more good news from “The Hill.” Apparently, the college Physics Department has redefined perpetual motion. President Anderson announced that this summer the college will build a roundabout at the top of the Highway 19 access. Let me see: Norwegians? Roundabouts? Am I the only one troubled by this? Uff-da.

Rotary Fun Facts

Rice Esse, Assistant District Governor

In introducing President Anderson, Rick provided a short tutorial on Rotary district hierarchy. He is one of 14 assistant governors who help manage the 55 Rotary clubs in District 5960. Our district includes southeastern Minnesota, St. Paul and western Wisconsin. Rick specifically serves Northfield, Faribault, Waseca and Janesville.

Guests:  Margaret Jacobson (Reese) and Felicia’s mother and grandmother (Felicia)

Scholarship Enhancement: Barry Carlson


The board approved membership applications from Beth Kallestad and Alan Anderson The board also accepted Gary Bollinger’s resignation. He is now working at Malt-O-Meal’s Lakeville site and is unable to attend meetings.

Neil Lutsky announced that a memorial service for George Soule will be Friday, June 15, 9:30 a.m. at Carleton’s Skinner Memorial Chapel. Neil will be speaking about George’s Rotary years.

President Bierman said the Rotary International Conference in Thailand was a wonderful experience in all respects. There were inspiring speakers, great scenery and great fellowship. He attended with Jane Fenton and Clarice Grabau. They traveled to xxxx to see the school we helped build with our flagship international project. Rob said it was one of his proudest moments as a Rotarian.

Coming Up: 

June 7 – Lori Sturdevant, Star-Tribune Opinion Columnist (Kyte)

June 7 – Graduation Party for Exchange Students, 5:30 – 8:30 PM – Estenson Entertainment Center