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Rotary Cogwheel | 04.26.2012

April 28, 2012

Today’s Program| Mary Quinn Crow. Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer of Northfield Hospital & Clinics (Henke).

Birthdays: Gary Bollinger (4/22), Richard Maus and Leo Fanton (4/24), Reginaldo Hasslett-Marroquin (4/28)

Next Week: May 3 — Confessions of an Itinerant Academic, Bob Craig’s Classification (Estenson)

Last Week:

The Center for Community and Civic Engagement at Carleton College (CCCE) is designed to broaden the student experience by weaving civic engagement into the curriculum and forging partnerships in the community to facilitate applied learning.

Michael McNally, faculty coordinator of CCCE, Laura Riehle-Merrill, director of Acting in the Community Together (ACT), and Adrienne Falcon, director of Academic Civic Engagement (ACE), shared their program with us last week. It evolved from a student sustained ACT program in 1985 to a robust, multi-layered program formally launched last fall.

Michael, a 1985 Carleton grad, remembers some of his most meaningful student experiences coming from volunteer work he did with residents of the Laura Baker School. The CCCE is designed to replicate that experience for students by intentionally embedding it into the curriculum.

Laura and Adrienne each had long lists of programs either initiated or supported by ACT and ACE. Laura mentioned the literacy work and mentoring Carleton students do. They also have many community partnerships for student work-study assignments.

Adrienne noted the ACE partnerships with the CAC, Northfield Senior Center and others become a platform for projects that address real community issues, such as immigration and nutrition. She said her program brings meaning to the work the students are doing, and, because it is a real world exercise, they take their work more seriously.

Another component of CCCE is public scholarship, which encourages faculty to share their research and expertise with the wider community.

Mini Classification – Joe Hargis
Joe Hargis is the Associate Vice President of External Relations at Carleton College. The son of two newspaper publishers in a small, southern Indiana town, he learned early about civic life and the dynamics of small towns.

He moved to Northfield 17 years ago. He and his wife, Katie, have five children, to of who will graduate from college this spring.

Guests:  Exchange students and former exchange student Marion, Jim Bronson (Boxrud)

 Scholarship Enhancement: The Claw, Don Robertson

Vicki Dilley reports the GSE group has toured a lot and visited schools, nursing homes and a drug rehabilitation farm. The trip extends through the middle of May. You can follow her on her blog at

Richard Maus recently received a District Governor’s Award for his work to eradicate polio. Congratulations Richard.

Robert Flaten invites members to join him at the Northfield Ice Arena this Saturday at 1 p.m. and help him gather books from the Great Northfield, Minnesota Book Raid for the Books for Africa program.

President Bierman acknowledged current and incoming board members for their contributions past, present and future. Applause followed.

Coming Up:

May 10 – Leo Fanton, Brazil (Quinnell)

May 17 – St. Olaf College President David Anderson (Koenig)