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Rotary Cogwheel | 03.08.2012

March 7, 2012

Today’s Program | Nichapat Tishyadhigama, our student from Thailand (Frago and Lasswelll)

Birthdays: Pat O’Neill (3/5), Mark Quinnell (3/7), Mark Thacher and Bob Will (3/8), Jodi Fritz (3/9), Aishwarya and Jim Herreid (3/10). Not Kurt Larson.

Next Week: Greater Good Initiative (James Grabau)

Last Week:

Lacrosse, a game of agility and hand-eye coordination that combines aspects of hockey and soccer, is gaining a foothold in Northfield.

Last spring, Matt Williams, a St. Olaf College student, helped coach two youth teams and hopes to double that number this spring. Lacrosse has long been popular on the Eastern Seaboard, and is recognized as Canada’s number one national sport. It is now migrating to the Midwest. Matt says it is the fastest growing sport in the country. Carleton and St. Olaf both have club teams, and several Big 10 schools are starting programs.

Lacrosse is played with 10 players to a team. Three players play offense, three play defense, three can roam the field and the goalie, of course, stays put. They all wear protective gear and wield four-foot sticks that feature a nylon mesh at the end. They storm up and down a field about the size of a soccer field, trying to fire a hard rubber ball into the opponent’s net at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. It is a contact sport, and the action is fast and furious.

Scores vary. Defensive battles might end 5-2, but in more wide-open offensive displays, a team can often score 15 points over four quarters, 15-minutes each in college, 12 minutes each in high school.

The high school squads play at the Northfield Middle School’s soccer fields. We are all invited to watch.

An Exercise Science major, Matt plans to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Mini Classification

Sam Gett is not a steel-drivin’ man, but he might know one. In his youth, he helped make the Pennsylvania steel the steel-drivin’ man was driving. His dad spent 35 years working in the steel mills.

It was that experience and that environment that propelled Sam into the heavy, intellectual lifting of journalism. He graduated from Penn State with a degree in Advertising and later picked up a Masters in Marketing from Youngstown State.

He worked in the news business in North Carolina, Arizona, Missouri, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and back to Minnesota to work for Huckle Publishing in Northfield as the publisher of the Northfield News.

Sam is married with two children in high school.  One is an aspiring screenwriter, the other a prospective engineer.

This just in….Danny Dobrow Reports

Hi Missi and Northfield Rotary. I’m doing great, and it’s true. I am having a great time. I just moved to my third and last host family on Saturday, so I’ll be spending the next couple weeks hanging out with them and becoming friends. They have one boy who is my age and was in Canada two years ago, also with Rotary.

In other news, I’m enjoying school and all of my Danish friends. In April I’ll be traveling to Barcelona with my school class, and then in May I’ll be traveling around Europe on Euro Tour, so those are pretty exciting. Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation about myself completely in Danish, which will be the first time I’ve ever done that.. Needless to say I’m a little nervous. So… life’s good and I hope the same can be said in Northfield.
Danny Dobrow


Rotary presented a check for $20,000 to the City of Northfield for work on the bike trail loop between Northfield and Dundas. Mayor Mary Rossing said this will be a great recreational resource for the community. Our donation will help complete the southern segment which will be completed some time in the fall.

Guests: Jon Snodgrass (Bierman) and Elizabeth Hasse (Rogers)

Scholarship Enhancement: Jon Snodgrass


  • President Bierman pronounced “To India and Back” a show to remember and thanked those who contributed to making the event a success. Rob also thanked Candy Taylor for organizing the youth exchange overnight.
  • The club will be receiving another exchange student for the rest of the year. His name is Leo, and he comes from Brazil.  Please welcome him to Northfield.
  • Aish took the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics. If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser, please contact her.
  • Chris Weber is looking for volunteers to help at a literacy event at Sibley School Thursday, April 12 4:45 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Coming Up:

March 22 – Devon Barnes, classification (Halverson)
March 24 – Saturday – GSE team from Brazil Social
March 29  Secretary of state Mark Ritchie (Haslett-Marroquin)