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Rotary Cogwheel | 01.26.2012

January 26, 2012

 Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012

Today: Tom Tanghe about Down’s Syndrome (Fritz)

Birthdays: Missi Ahrens (1/24))

Next Week: – “A Very Brief History of International Criminal Law” (Fossum)

Last Week:

President Bierman, club officers and committee chairs gave us a mid-year overview of our club, what it does and how it does it.

President-elect Fenton reported that at present we have 131 members. Eight new members have signed on thus far this year. She is planning an orientation for these folks and invites anyone who is interested to come, too.

Charlie Cogan reported that our International Service project in Thailand is going well. Several of our members will be traveling to Thailand in May for the International Rotary Conference. They plan to visit ChaingMai and get a tour of the school we are helping build.

Vicki Dilley said the Youth Exchange Program is looking for host families and counselors for next year’s inbound students. She will be leading a Global Study Exchange group to Brasil in April. We will be hosting a five-person GSE team from Brasil in March. For that, we need host families and vocational connections for a psychiatrist, nutritionist, architect and interior designer.

Our relationship with The Key remains strong, according to Nancy Amerman. The kids raised $5,000 for the car raffle and helped with the bike tour and the Turkey Trot. We won’t be selling Valentine flowers. She is looking for a way to help The Key get t-shirts for the kids, so they can be identified when they are working for the cause.

Club members are encouraged to contribute each year — Every Rotarian, Every Year — to the Paul Harris Foundation. Jim Prichard reminded us of the half-price sale available to members, a $1,000 Paul Harris Scholarship for just $500.

Carl Caskey said our clubs contributes $5,000 a year to local projects and campaigns. Our strength, he said, is our flexibility and ability to make things happen quickly. His committee will be meeting with the United Way and WINGS to get a sense of community needs.

Chris Weber said the club will be reviving its literacy work. We will be partnering with the Northfield Public Library to put books in the hands of kids through the Early Childhood Family Education program.

We will be appealing to more hard-core, “crazy” bike riders under the direction of our new Defeat of Jesse James Bike Tour chair, Roberty Zayas. He said a timed bike rid is in the plans.

Buckle up everyone.

Officers for 2012-13 elected

  Our fearless leaders for the coming year were elected at last week’s meeting. They are: President — Jane Fenton; President Elect/Membership — Jim Prichard; Secretary —Matt Rich; Treasurer —    Dave Wolf;  International Service —-Russ Halverson; Club Service —Neil Lutsky; Community Service —Judy Brown-Wescott; Vocational Service —Missy Arens; Communication/ PR —Co Chairs  – Steve Wilmot/Kurt Larson; Past President —Robert Bierman. They will assume their roles in July.

Guests: No nonmember guests, but member Judy Brown-Wescott was introduced to the club after a long absence due to surgery.

Scholarship Enhancement: Missi Ahrens


— “To India and Back,” our “rock the house” winter social will be Saturday, Feb. 25. Tickets, posters and T-shirts are available. Anyone who is anyone is going to be there. Don’t miss it.

Coming Up:
Feb. 9 – Building Low-Income Housing in Minneapolis with Herb Frey Gleason)
Feb. 16 – Mathilde Mortensen, Denmark (Barry Carlson)
Feb. 23  — Esse
Feb. 25 – To India and Back