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Rotary Cogwheel | 01.19.2012

January 18, 2012

Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012

Today: Open Club Meeting (President Bierman)

Birthdays: Mark Abbott (1/17)

Next Week: Tom Tanghe about Down’s Syndrome (Fritz)

Last Week:

Aishwarya Gokhale must feel like a fish out of water. She leaves her home town of Pune, India, which she shares with three million other people, to live in Dundas, Minn., population 1,367. She trades interesting vistas with rolling hills for flat prairie land and trades a tropical Indian climate for a crisp Minnesota winter. Even a mild winter can challenge the uninitiated.

But she enjoys trying new things and meeting new people, and that’s what she’s been able to do with her exchange year. She’s ridden horses, walked on a frozen lake, and eaten mini-donuts at the Minnesota State Fair.

Back home, she lived on a seventh floor, three-bedroom apartment with her mother, an aerobics instructor, her father, a trader of graphic art materials, and her younger sister. Students attend high school through grade 10, so Aish was already enrolled in a junior college last year.

She said she’s been surprised by the flat topography here, by the number of people who speak Spanish, by the number of cars that hit deer and steering wheels on the left side of the car. She is missing her native cuisine, but on the up side, she is looking forward to her parents visiting in the spring.

Her life lesson takeaways from this experience:

— Everything happens for a reason;

— Nothing is weird, just different;

— It’s never cold, just chilly.

Second Reading — Officers for 2012-13

President — Jane Fenton; President Elect/Membership — Jim Prichard; Secretary —Matt Rich; Treasurer —      Dave Wolf;  International Service —-Russ Halverson; Club Service —Neil Lutsky; Community Service —Judy Brown-Wescott; Vocational Service —Missy Arens; Communication/ PR —Co Chairs  – Steve Wilmot/Kurt Larson; Past President        —Robert Bierman.

New Member: Teresa Tilson (V. Dilley) was inducted for a second time. Teresa was previously a member of the club before moving to the Pacific Northwest for a couple of years. Welcome back Teresa.

Guests: Annika Hanson, Rebecca Spriewald, Maria Olson, Anne Archibald, Nicole Smestad, Tilly Bartelt, Kyle Snesrud, Craig and Brenda Squires, Mark and Mary Mitchell, Beth Abdella (Aishwarya); Dixie Baird, Virginia Epps and Marge Kennedy (Prowe).

Scholarship Enhancement: Dave Brown


— “To India and Back,” our “rock the house” winter social will be Saturday, Feb. 25. Tickets, postes and T-shirts are available. Anyone who is anyone is going to be there. Don’t miss it.

— Fred Rogers reported that the Salvation Army bell ringing was a success. $14,600 was raised in Northfield, alone, during 85 shifts. Forty-two thousand was raised countywide.

— Richard Maus shared a report that India has not diagnosed a case of polio in the last year. That leaves only Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan as the three countries yet to eliminate the disease. The campaign continues.

Coming Up:
February 2 –John Fossum host
February 9 –Mark Gleason host
February 16 – Mathilde Mortensen, Denmark (Barry Carlson)